I have a crazy amount of respect for people who have been surviving this lockdown without any pets or animal contact. 

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As a pet parent who is also an extrovert, the only thing that is keeping me sane from having back-to-back pandemic anxiety induced panic attacks is my four-legged furball. 

There, I said it, my doggo has been my knight in the shining armour during the extended series of lockdown. My emotional support, the best WFH colleague and my only source of hugs and cuddles. 

The limited amount of human interactions in our new normal can make a lot of people consider the options of either buying or adopting pets. 

After all, there are studies that prove pets are great emotional support animals, instant stress busters and swift mood lifters.  

But as a pet parent and an animal lover, I would just like to say that if you want to get a pet right now, please make sure that it isn’t only because you’re at home more often than before and it bores you.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing incorrect with wanting to seek companionship in your pets. 

But please remember that your longing of wanting to nurture a pet shouldn’t only last till the pandemic is over.  

Morning Bulletin

I’m not trying to discourage you from welcoming a pet into your homes, I’m merely pointing out the realities and responsibilities that go beyond butt scratches and cuddles. 

When you choose to bring a pet into your life, it is a commitment and definitely not a split-second decision that fuels your impulse. You are responsible for taking care of an adorable life.  

With being a great pet parent, comes great responsibilities. You can’t shrug away from those responsibilities when you get busier or suddenly have more things to worry about on your plate. 


You can’t just give up your pets or abandon them when the pandemic is over. You can’t wake up to realise that you can no longer take care of your pets because there is a sudden 360-degree change in your lifestyle. 

Realise that if not this month, next month or this year, eventually you will get as busy as you once were, before the pandemic. There’s a chance that you won’t be working from home and will have to go to the office. So think your decision through, keeping the unpredictable future in mind. 


Ask yourself a few simple questions, “Will I be able to take out a good chunk of time between my tight schedule to take care of my pet? Will I be neglecting my pet when I’m shuttling between work and home? Do I just want a pet right now because it’s convenient?” 

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The number of cases of abandoned pets is skyrocketing in India. Wanting to nurture a dog shouldn’t just be a ‘phase’ depending upon your convenience. Give your decision a good long thought and see if it is practical to welcome a pooch in your lives. 

The end of the pandemic and you returning back to your lives, should not be a reason for you to abandon your pets because you can’t juggle the responsibilities. Please choose wisely.