Dogs are the best. They are not as demanding as the human species. They don’t betray, don’t leave your side, never make you feel inferior; they’re loyal, caring, and loving. They don’t view you from the lenses of society but rather accept you for who you are and shower their unconditional love. They have no demands except for one – relentless love. 

There is nobody on Planet Instagram whose heart has not melted with dog videos and photos. The platform is flooding with dogstagram accounts that are a major relief from the toxicity that can come with the social media world.

So, are you a big dog lover? We have some dogstagram accounts to bless your feed. You’re welcome!  

1. Maple and Morty (@mapleandmortycorgi)

The corgi siblings are the cutest. While Maple is a little more extrovert than her brother Morty, the duo is winning the hearts of every netizen out there. The two doggos look extremely adorable in whatever they do, be it their battle for attention from parents, their mini Q&A rounds, or their attempts to swim. The complimentary subtitles in each of their videos is just the best part about their dogstagram account.

haha… Maple’s a “betch!

The wisest siblings in town!

2. Maya (@mayathedox)

Maya is a mini-dachshund with an elegant sense of style. Her dogstagram is extremely aesthetic and so dreamy. She could easily be a nominee for the most stylish dog influencer out there.

What beauty, what style!

Who on earth wouldn’t fall in love with her?

3. Tucker (@tuckerbudzyn)

Tucker is golden-retriever with a little son called Todd. Both of them are petfluencers by the way. One sight of Tucker and you’ll be battling the urge to squeeze his chubby cheeks. He is just so cute. And literally all his little videos are heart melting.

If this is not pure bliss, then what is?

The ultimate father-son duo!

4. Meeka (@meekathehuskyy)

Imagine if dogs could talk, we wouldn’t need humans at all. They would have been enough for us. And when we speak of talking dogs, Meeka comes to the rescue. 

For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow.

Looks like somebody is offended.

5. Max and Ghost (@the_himalayan_husky)

We all love huskies. They are super affectionate and just the best cuddlers. With Max and Ghost, you could form your ideal pact to unravel the enchanting mysteries of the Himalayas. They’re beautiful.

Max is like, “New Phone, Who Dis?”


6. Doug (itsdougthepug)

Remember the Hutch dog? Didn’t we all fall in love with pugs back then? Doug is the cutest little pug. His innocent face in out-of-the-box shots will put you in complete awe. And mind you, Doug has an eclectic dressing sense. Sometimes, he’s a spiderman, sometimes a monster, sometimes a shark, and sometimes even an avocado.

He’s a cute lil munchkin!

Can today get any better?

7. Maya (@mayapolarbear)

We’ve got another Maya for you. She often comes with her accomplice Shaun, who also has a dogstagram. Maya’s videos are mind-numbingly cute. When you watch them, you’ll forget all your worries and just be adorably smitten by Maya and her little antics. She looks like a vanilla marshmallow, you’ll immediately want to squish her.

Maya is giving major mid-week blues.

Again, mind-numbingly cute!

8. Strider (@strider.gsd)

Strider is the coolest German Shepherd. He is playful and lively. He has got everything to become your best chum. Moreover, his videos are not just cute but hysterical.  

Looks like somebody is greedy for attention.

He’ll also make an ideal boyfriend.

9. Dougie (@dailydougie)

Dougie is a Shih Tzu. Every picture of him personifies peace. Like he’s having the best time, even while he is angry. He is a little treat for the eyes. 

That look, that damn look.

Super cute!

10. Jimbo (@jimbopupperino)

Jimbo is a little Golden Retriver. His Instagram account is hilarious as well as adorable. He is a great socializer too. With his cute antics and puppy-eyed expression, he will touch your soul.

Seems like he had the best time of his life.

This is hysterical.

11. Kiba (@kiba.aussie)

Kiba is a fun mini Aussie with a highly aesthetic Instagram. He won’t get clicked just randomly anywhere. He needs to be at a picturesque location to get shot. His blue eyes are so enchanting. One look at him you’ll be drawn towards him.

Who is this crazy hooman?

Nobody is perfect.

12. Bodhi (@mensweardog)

Meet the fashionista Bodhi. He only picks up premium brands. He is elite and the most handsome dog in town. You cannot see him and not get attracted to him.

What expression!

Winter has come.

13. Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart)

Tuna is a small packet of joy. Funny, terrifying, cute, adorable, and sometimes, all at the same time. And he’s a big traveler as well. He’s got a separate Instagram account to document his travel diaries.


Weird is cool.

Basically, Instagram is brimming with furry friends. If you’re having a bad day just go and see dog videos and lighten up your day. The world is such a bad place, after all!