Where in one corner of the world more than 500 million animals have succumbed to wildfires, our own country has recently witnessed brutality against stray animals. 

Recently, one more case has come to light in Delhi’s Sukhdev Vihar where a dog was tied and almost beaten to death. 

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A dog was tied and beaten nearly to death in the morning at Masihgarh, Sukhdev Vihar. The dogs leg was tied and repeated beaten by an iron rod till her skull cracked. She was spotted by an animal lover who immediately called me and Gauri. I took her to Friendicoes whereas Gauri stayed back to do the necessary formalities with the cops. The poor dog has a broken skull, multiple fractures on her snout and her prognosis is poor. We have shifted her to Earthlings for personalized care. All the necessary steps for identifying the culprit and filing a FIR are being taken. In case you wish to sponsor this dog treatment please send your contributions to – Karan Puri Foundation account number 603820110000838 IFSC Code – BKID0006038 Bank of India New Friends Colony Branch Paytm/Gpay – +91-9810577560

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Spotted by Gauri Puri, a part of Karan Puri Fondation – who feed and take care of stray dogs around New Friends Colony – the dog reportedly collapsed after being thrashed by an iron rod. 

Locals reported that the dog was tied up first and then beaten until its skull cracked. 


The poor dog has a broken skull, multiple fractures on her snout and her prognosis is poor. 

After shifting the dog to Earthlings for specialized care and treatment, the volunteers went to the police station to start the legal procedure and nab the culprits. 


This unforgivable behaviour against this dog brings back memories of the Worli case, where a stray dog was thrashed for seeking shelter inside a building. 

The dog later passed away.


You can help the volunteers take care of the injured dog by contributing to the Karan Puri Foundation. 

Account Number – 603820110000838, IFSC – BKID0006038
Paytm/GPay – 9810577560