There have been several cases of wildlife in this country being severely mistreated and abused by the hands of us humans. Amongst all these animals who are abused and illtreated by humans much too often are elephants. 

So, here are some cases of the mistreatment faced by the elephants in this country and it is time to take some action upon it. 

1. An elephant feeding on plastic waste did the rounds due to the irresponsible consumption of plastic by humans. This was also due to humans dumping their waste in forests and the lack of availability of sufficient land. 

2. In Uttrakhand, an adult male elephant was found dead due to electrocution after coming in contact with an overhead live wire. 

3. In Pappanamcode, Kerala, the world’s oldest elephant Dakshayani, died in captivity. She was kept in a temple there and was made to take part in the processions and ceremonies.


4. In Jamalpur Kalan, Haridwar, two elephants died after they collided with a moving train. 

5. A 70-year-old elephant, Tikiri collapsed from starvation and after being forced to work alongside 60 other elephants at the Perahera Festival in Sri Lanka. During this festival, these elephants are made to walk for kilometers and wear flashy costumes in the name of seeking blessings. This elephant died recently. 


6. An elephant calf died of electrocution in Bero block’s Khuratoli village which is about 35 Kilometers West of Ranchi district. Villagers use electrical wirings to secure wells and ponds which becomes a fatal hazard for these creatures. 

7. In Tamil Nadu, a herd of four elephants tried jumping over a compound wall to cross over to the forest. They tried escaping a busy road after being cornered by people. 

8. An ‘almost blind’ elephant Ramachandran, was paraded as the star attraction at a housewarming in Guruvayoor, Kerala. But sensing the huge crowd, the elephant panicked and ran amok into the crowd. 

9. A female elephant died after being hit by a goods train in Odisha’s Dhenkanal district. In the last decade, Odisha has lost at least 24 elephants on railway tracks. 

10. In Kerala, a temple elephant named Karnan was mercilessly beaten up by mahouts as a seemingly sly tactic to overpower the majestic animal. 

11. In Thailand, a baby elephant collapsed due to exhaustion from being paraded for tourists.

A special mention to the severe elephant abuse at the hands of humans that takes place in West Bengal. Humans practice ‘Hula Pati’ there which means throwing fire torches on the elephants that stray away from their paths. 


We humans have visibly lost the sense of empathy to live in harmony with these innocent creatures. It is high time to take strict measures against such atrocities against elephants.