If you’re an animal lover and being on house-arrest for the past few months has finally given you a good enough reason to follow your dream of getting a pet, we urge you to please consider adoption instead of shopping. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against pedigree breeds. However, it is India’s growing obsession with ‘purebreds’ that has contributed to unethical and inhumane breeding practices that concerns me. 

The Guardian

The increasing forms of animal cruelty in the name of puppy farms, the culture of irresponsible breeding is fuelling India’s demand of buying ‘purebreds’ at cheaper prices. 

But the cost of these inhumane, money-minting businesses is actually very high.  

As we write this there are over three million stray dogs roaming the streets of our country, some rescued by shelter homes, others struggling to survive. And all they are looking for is a loving home. 

I don’t know how many of you know this but panic around the pandemic fueled by fake news has resulted in increased cases of abandoned pets. 

The Indian Express

There are thousands of unique and rescued Indies along with abandoned ‘purebreds’ that are waiting to find their forever loving homes, as much as you’re seeking a furry companion. 

If I am being honest, Indie cat and doggo breeds across the nation are the true definition ‘purebred‘ community animals. 

Remember, every time you consider #AdoptDontShop, you’ll be consciously and ethically taking a step away from the cases of animal cruelty erupting in puppy farms in the name of breeding. 


You’ll be stepping away from India’s growing obsession with pedigree breeds and opening your home to an Indie, rescued or abandoned furball in need. 

You’re their second shot at having a fun-loving life. 

If you are willing to offer what they need, the first step to adopting a pet is to find a legitimate NGO that works towards animal welfare or an animal rescue shelter. 

When a dog ( Indie or ‘purebred’) doesn’t choose to love you any more or less based on your caste, colour, gender, religion or creed, why do we have to label and discriminate them against their breeds?