Our dogs think we are the best people in the world. But we know that’s not true. That said, we can try to be. And it’s not that difficult. Our dogs pretty much show us the way. 

1. Your dog doesn’t judge you on your successes and failures. Start with that. 

Little Things

2. Your dog doesn’t really care about toys and gifts. They just want to spend time with you. So, remember, materialism isn’t everything. 


3. Never desire to be anything you are not. Your dog doesn’t. They don’t care. They like you as you are. 


4. Don’t judge people based on their race, colour, creed. Your dog doesn’t. 

Fred Victor

5. Your dog loves you unconditionally, you must try to love yourself that way as well. 

Washington Post

6. Forgive those who are important to you. Your dog already thinks you do. It’s why they destroy pillows and sofas with impunity. 

Dog Shaming

7. Never waste food. That’s just a big old bowl of nope!

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8. Your dog thinks you’re worth protecting. Earn that. 


9. Be appreciative of the people who love and care for you. And show it. 


10. Greet people you see every day. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know them. Smiling and saying hello doesn’t hurt. Just don’t make it a creepy smile. 

11. Be high on life in general. You’re alive. There is so much to do, even it means chasing your own tail all day. 

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12. If you love someone, don’t be afraid to let them know.  But if you find yourself licking their face, you have gone too far. 


13. Enjoy nature. Even the grass you walk is made up of the same elements as you, all of it forged in the hearts of dying stars. 

Little Things

14. Ease up on chocolates. That shit will give you diabetes and eventually kill you. 


15. Your dog finds happiness in the most mundane of things. You can as well. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to you if you have an ailment of some kind. In that case, see therapists, take meds, do whatever you can to get better. 

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16. Don’t be afraid to let loose every once in a while, even if it means creating a mess. 


There you go. Be a better person.