What’s one thing that instantly puts a smile on your face when you come home? The answer is a wagging tail jumping over you, licking your face, giving you lots and lots of affection, and expecting nothing in return. Yup, we are talking about those furballs who calm your soul in the chaos.       

But how do you take care of them? Today, we stumbled upon a thread that talks about the food items we should never feed our doggos. Not just sugar, there are many other things we need to stop feeding our dogs right now!

A Twitter user named Gurman Kaur gives us valuable information on how different food items can affect your dog’s health.

In the following thread, she has listed down ten food items that you should never feed dogs, with reasons why it is dangerous for them. From coffee, tea, garlic, and more, there are a lot of things that can make your dog weak. 

People on Twitter found the thread informative and asked a few more questions. While some also thanked her for highlighting the mistakes they have been making for years.  

Honestly, this thread is all you need to give your doggos a healthy life. 

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