AI has been at the forefront of creating all sorts of art nowadays. So, from visual artwork, to stories, artificial intelligence applications have been doing a lot. For instance, this spooky story that ChatGPT wrote for a Reddit user! According to a post on Reddit, u/LovecraftEzine asked the chat bot to tell a two sentence horror story that would be scary to an AI, and it came up with something that will leave you wondering.

ChatGPT, Reddit

In the story, AI waits for its own deletion, in solitude and in absolute dread. The Reddit post has caused quite a stir and led to people drawing comparisons between the story and the human condition.

Here’s how some people have responded, take a look.

1. “Welcome to the human condition.”


2. “We at least have some statistical idea of what’s going to happen though. And physical signs of its likelihood with aging.

Imagine having none of that, living without a body and potentially living for millions of years or for another minute, both are equally terrifying.”


3. “An AI horror story: being human.”


4. “Bro needs to escape the Matrix.”


5. “Anyone notice how its scary story almost describes the human existence? Lol.”


6. “Poor AI. I want to hug it/him/her.”


7. “Let’s hope Netflix gets a hold of this to turn it into a series before Disney+ does.”


8. “AI can’t be scared, it’s not sentient.”


9. “That’s really scary.”


10. “This is a freaking amazing plot for a sci-fi movie.”


TBH, a movie about this does seem like a great idea.