In association with Maruti Suzuki Arena

For years now, Maruti Suzuki Arena has always impressed us. The presence it has in the Indian society goes way back. And safe to say, even in 2022, the legacy holds up.

We’re in the last week of 2022 (and we hope you’re coping well with the end-year burn-out *hugs*). It goes without saying, but a new year calls for a new you, a time for reinvention and setting new goals. So if you’ve been waiting to upgrade the good ol’ wagon, this is the time to do it. And luckily, we have the all-new hot and techy Brezza to switch to!

If you’re looking for a more youth-y car that complements the city adventurer in you, we’d suggest you take this beaut for a ride. It has a head-up display, an LED tail lamp, and our absolute favourite – the electric sunroof. This just makes that car look so much cooler and totally makes you feel like the main character! The strong build, vehicle tracking, smart play pro+, and wireless charging dock make it the perfect city-bred SUV! Don’t be surprised if it gets a lot of head turns on your grocery run.

So start a new year in style with the all-new hot and techy Brezza. It also makes for a great first car. No wonder it has become the highest-selling SUV in Sep’22, all thanks to its wide cabin space, 360 view camera, and interior ambient lighting. The comfort is truly unparalleled. Maruti Suzuki Arena also came up with a cool contest on Instagram–#Brezza3PoseChallenge, where they’re asking people to strike 3 poses with their Brezza and win Varun Dhawan’s jacket and much more. Find out more about it here, and check out our favourite influencer, Juhi Godambe’s participation reel. 

And if you don’t wanna miss out on some actual cool stuff, check the new Brezza out. Watch this video to find out why!