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I love cars. Give me a sleek body with a roaring engine and I’m a happy camper. While I might not have the sleekest of cars at the moment, I don’t stop fantasizing about what my dream car would look like. I’d want my car to have extra comfy seats, a great sound system and a powerful engine that would practically make it run at the speed of light. So while my fantasies stop there, people have more imaginative features on their mind and when we asked them about it, the responses rolled in almost instantaneously.

Now while awesome features like these might take a few decades to arrive, the good news is that Nissan owners can get just as great features with the all-new NissanConnect app. Now that’s a technical leap in the car industry that we can all get behind, no? With its recent upgrade, it’s choc-a-block full of nifty features like locate my car, speed alerts, advance safety alerts, tow alerts and many more. This means that with this app you get the complete know-how of how your car’s doing even when you’re not driving it. Now, how cool is that? Looks like Nissan owners get to enjoy a small slice of future a little early. To know more about the features, click here.