Trigger Warning: There are some genuinely disturbing tales and accounts in here. Reader discretion is advised.

Sometimes you come across some threads on Reddit that initially seem like a fun read but as you get deeper into it you realize how bad it really is. I chanced on a post on Reddit called ‘what is the most fucked up thing that happened on Reddit?’ and started reading the comments rigorously without realizing how. bad it can get.

worst of reddit

Through that post, I got to know about some of the really fucked up shit that people have shared on Reddit, read more about each of them and it all made me realize that we live in a fucked up world. I have added links to some additional articles/posts on some of the points which needed additional information. You can read all of the comments here but I have added some of them here as well. Just a word of caution, these will take you down a rabbit hole that will take some time for you to recover from.

1. A couple of years back there was an askreddit thread asking about people who accidentally killed someone, what happened? Someone posted on it stating that as children, they used to play at this place on the outskirts of town with a huge river and cliffs. There was this special needs kid that he and a group of other kids pushed off a tall hill on a super rainy day. They freaked out, ditched him and went home, swearing to keep the whole thing a secret from their parents.

Apparently, the kid went missing, probably died where he fell and his body was scavenged by animals, or he fell into the river while injured because he noticed that the kid was missing and it was on the news.

Someone replied to the post and posted an unresolved missing child case from decades ago and it matched the story. He even looked into the poster Reddit history and noticed that he mentioned moving back to his childhood town which was the town the missing kid was from. He also posted geographical data of where a river and cliffs would be located within walking distance of a school.

The posts were all deleted apparently. DannnyCook

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2. There was a guy in r/argentina that came asking for help, because his mother had disappeared. The post (edit: link to the OG post) was sticked and the mods were trying to help the case go to the media and the authorities. It was there for a while.

He had killed her by himself and buried her in their house garden. Motoko_KS09

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3. I think it’s less fucked up and more of a cautionary tale but that shit stuck with me.

It was this guy who insisted that he could try heroin recreationally and stop whenever he wanted. Post after the post was about his descent into addiction. Really scary stuff.ChubbyJugs

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4. Relationship advice post by a husband started by saying that his wife isn’t the smartest cookie in the jar. The couple was struggling financially living month to month, but they get by. Had kids too.

The wife suddenly gets the genius idea that they could make a bunch of cash if their car crashes and got written off. Happened to one of her friends who won an insurance claim after driving into a ditch and encouraged others to do so. Husband says no every time the wife talks about it, explains reasons why and finally makes her promise not to talk about it at all.

Next week, the guy gets a call from the police saying the wife had run into an accident and is in police custody. Turns out the wife had been waiting at a traffic stop, then suddenly accelerated forward during a red light and drove head-first into a vehicle coming from the other side at top speed. She wasn’t injured, but the other vehicle had a mother and a kid who instantly died and another teenage kid in critical condition. Guy visits wife in custody and she acts all proud with no remorse as if she did something great for her family.

Dude made the post asking whether he should come clean about her talking to him earlier about the accident and insurance fraud, which will likely change her manslaughter charge to murder and add decades to her sentence. The post stayed up for less than an hour. SirPeterODactyl

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5. How about that old one where a guy was asking how to leave his abusive wife and take the kids? The wife found the post and killed the kids so he wouldn’t have them. Warriorphoenix678

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6. Doxxing the wrong person then go “we did it, Reddit!”Louis-grabbing-pills

This is a classic case of what happens when an internet mob gets onto something they are not skilled or equipped for. Back in 2013, a 22-year-old American student named Sunil Tripathi was falsely accused by a Reddit group as a Boston Bombing suspect. Redditors started congratulating each other for ‘solving’ this case using the phrase, “we did it, Reddit.” Later, it was found that Sunil had been dead way before the bombing happened. You can read more about it here.

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7. Maybe not fucked up in a bad sense, but I certainly found it interesting.

The guy who kept finding post-it notes around his apartment, thinking his landlord was sneaking in there and leaving them for him.

Commenters urged him to get a carbon monoxide tester, and it turned out his apartment was FULL of it. He had carbon mono poisoning and was leaving the post-it notes himself.

Reddit saved that guy’s life.Whatshername_Stew

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8. One that sticks with me was a woman who got violently raped and posted a photo of her beat-up face for support. People dug through her post history and found that she’d at one point posted a pic of her at Halloween with her face in makeup that included makeup bruising. The crowd then decided that she was faking the whole thing for attention and started to harass her nonstop until she posted again with a video of her crying and trying to scrub the real wounds off her face.diiejso

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9. I’d say the one where the woman lost her child because her own mother used coconut hair product on her child who had a coconut allergy KNOWING the kid was allergic.rokungi89

You can read the whole story here and it will surely break your heart.

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10. Here are mine, which are probably tame in comparison to a lot of contributions here but anyway:

  • The guy who did a paternity test on his kids who were spread across different ages, and found out he wasn’t the biological father to any of them. His wife wouldn’t admit to cheating throughout their marriage, and then after a few updates she committed suicide.
  • The boy who accidentally paralysed his school bully by shoving him away in defence and causing him to accidentally puncture his spinal cord on a sprinkler head.
  • The ExamineDeath subreddit
  • The guy who admitted to accidentally fapping to naked dead bodies of Holocaust victims when he was younger…
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11. The dude whose son sodomized the dog and wrecked his marriage. nkscreams

These stories almost f*cked my day, I’m sorry if they f*cked up yours too.