It’s 2023, and one thing is clear, money doesn’t make you invincible. It keeps you safe, and comfortable in most situations yes, but it doesn’t make you perfect or flawless (if there is such a thing). Which is why this Reddit thread where people have shared what they’ve seen while working for the super-wealthy is such an interesting find.

Here, take a look at what we’re talking about:

1. “I used to work at a member’s only golf/country club. There were members who had been actors, athletes, race car drivers, former CEO of Google, some major money and egos going on. There was one family that had 3 teenage kids, 2 girls and a boy. The mom and the girls were very attractive and knew it. They always looked amazing and had overly entitled attitudes to match.

Well, the lady who washed the linens for the county club also did house cleaning for some members. This family was one of them. She said their multi-million dollar home was a disaster filth zone. They basically did no house work in between having the cleaning lady there. Dishes piled with dried food that smelled, dirty clothes thrown everywhere, piles of crap all over, sticky floors, dog poop left on the floor.”


2. “My dad used to work for Getty oil. J. Paul Getty III was made to do the same thing, as far as working the ‘little man’s jobs’ to get a feel on how things really ran. Pops would tell us stories of how J. Paul would roll up to the oil rigs 2-3 hours late, in a limo, drunk and blown out of his mind. He wouldn’t do anything while at work, just watch and at the end of the day the limo would show back up with half naked women in the car to take him out to party the night away. This was after he was kidnapped.”


3. “I did a Manny (Male Nanny) job for a rich couple who wanted someone to care for their kids. The wife didn’t want a female nanny and I was in college so it helped pay the bills. One day they asked ‘Do you want to go to Hawaii?’ Turns out the company that the husband was the COO of was doing an executive retreat in Hawaii. Instead of finding daycare in Hawaii for their kids they thought it’d be easier to just pay for me to fly to Hawaii, care for the kids during the day, and then have my evenings or their ‘family time’ free.

So I went to Hawaii on their dime, had my own hotel room, they paid me for my time and gave me a large stipend for my own food/entertainment.”


4. “My mom was a maid growing up, not for the hyper wealthy but for wealthy people. I got so much free shit growing up because of them it’s insane. Clothes with tags on it, boxes of VHSs (I’m old), Gameboys, computers whenever they upgraded. It was actually really nice, because the people my mom worked for were very nice and generous.”


5. “Their kids (all young 20s) never shut the door when using the bathroom. Plenty of times while cleaning the house, I’d walk past the bathroom and see one of their daughters on the can, they’d often wave or say ‘Hi.’ Fuckin’ odd”


6. “My sister is a butler for a super wealthy family she told me a couple crazy stories:- The family once got this super expensive rare breed cat and a few months later the wife tells my sister she can feel the cat isn’t quite happy in their house. So she asks her to take their private jet to drop the cat off in their mansion on Lake Como, Italy so it can spend a holiday in the sun.

That same woman would then sometimes berate my sister for buying soap in plastic dispensers instead of just soap bars because it’s bad for our planet. They bought this insanely huge, super luxurious cabin in one the most expensive ski stations in Switzerland. They realised the cabin (more like a mansion really) right next to theirs was for sale and then bought that one as well just so they wouldn’t have close neighbours.”


7. “I do high end florals in a very rich area. I also see tons of obscene shows of wealth all the time. The amount of money some of these people spend on flowers alone is unfathomable. The one that I always come back to is a client whose house we were decorating for Christmas. As I was hanging a garland around their 6 car garage (a separate garage than the one connected to the house), I looked in to see each of the 6 spots has a car elevator and is 3 cars deep. So there were 18 of the same exact $350k+ cars there.”


8. “My sister worked on a private yacht of a US-based old money family. She said that the parents seemed okay, the kids though, were f*cked up, shitting the bed every night, on drugs constantly, and had poor social skills.”


9. “I did carpentry for a summer to save up money for school. We would go to huge mansions and amazing houses that needed work done. Usually easy stuff, decorative things. So most times it would be 1-2 days of work. Often, we would work while the family would be home.

Not a problem, it was very normal. Once a family had kids and they watched a TikTok video on what poor people eat. It was about how to cook things like 10 cent ramen and bread with sausages to make hotdogs. They laughed and thought it was fun, so they decided to try and make it in the kitchen. They hated it all. This was the food I grew up eating my whole life. That packet of ramen was the same as the dinner waiting for me at home”


10. “My aunt used to clean rich people’s houses. I helped her once and I saw a tanning bed in the loft bedroom of a little girl (12 or so years old).”


11. “Their kids are all kinds of screwed up. Turns out money can’t replace an emotionally available parent.”


What in the world did I just read?

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