There’s something about visiting a bookstore, endlessly browsing through their collection, and then buying your favourite book. A feeling that you can never get from an online store. Some people still prefer going to bookstores and this young reader was one of them. But sadly, he fell short of some amount to buy the book. But what the bookstore did next will surely melt your heart.

The bookstore let the boy buy the book for the money he had on him. Walking BookFairs, an independent bookstore, took to Twitter to share this incident that happened at their bookstore. The boy wanted to buy a Dragon Ball Super comic book that was priced at ₹699. However, he only had ₹400 in his pocket. The bookstore told him that he could have it at ₹400 and that made the young reader’s day.

Take a look at the tweet here.

The tweet has more than 1K likes and over 71.3K views. People loved this wholesome gesture by the bookstore and said that is only possible at an independent bookstore and not in online stores. Here’s what people had to say about this moment.

Truly a present to cherish!