In any science fiction book, the boundaries of human imagination are stretched to their limits. A sci fi book transports us to distant galaxies, dystopian futures, and mind-bending alternate realities, offering insights into the impact of technology on society and the very nature of humanity. We have curated a list of 50 must-read sci fi books of all time that explore both timeless classics and contemporary masterpieces. These books continue to shape our collective vision of what’s possible, pushing the boundaries of science and human potential. If you are a sci fi nerd, then you have reached the right place. Read on below.

sci fi book
Sr. No. Book Name
3.The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
6.Brave New World
7.Ender’s Game
9.The Left Hand Of Darkness
10.Snow Crash
11.The Martian
12.Fahrenheit 451
13.A Clockwork Orange
14.The War Of The Worlds
15.Stranger In A Strange Land
16.The Expanse Series
17.Childhood’s End
18.Altered Carbon
19.The Three-Body Problem
20.The Time Machine
21.Red Mars
22.Starship Troopers
23.The Windup Girl
24.The Forever War
25.A Fire Upon The Deep
26.The Road
27.The Quantum Thief
28.Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
29.The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
30.The Dispossessed
31.The Handmaid’s Tale
32.The Hyperion Cantos
34.The Left Hand Of Darkness
35.Red Dwarf
36.The Postman
37.The Stand
38.The Hunger Games
39.The City And The Stars
40.The Mote In God’s Eye
41.Roadside Picnic
42.A Canticle For Leibowitz
43.The Demolished Man
44.The Man In The High Castle
45.The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet
46.Flowers For Algernon
47.The Player Of Games
49.The Leftovers
50. The Fifth Sacred Thing

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1. Dune

dune sci fi book
Popsugar UK

This Sci-Fi book is Written by Frank Herbert, Dune is a sprawling epic set in a distant future where noble houses vie for control of the desert planet Arrakis. The world’s most precious resource, spice melange, is found there, granting psychic abilities and interstellar travel. The story follows Paul Atreides, the young heir of House Atreides, as he becomes embroiled in a complex web of politics, religion, and ecological intrigue.

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2. 1984

1984 sci fi book

This George Orwell dystopian novel is set in a totalitarian society ruled by the Party and its enigmatic leader, Big Brother. The story follows Winston Smith, a disillusioned Party member who begins to question the oppressive regime’s control over every aspect of life, including history and language. Winston’s forbidden love affair with Julia and his secret rebellion against the Party’s surveillance state form the core of the narrative.

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3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy book sci fi book
The Guardian

This Douglas Adams comedic science fiction series follows the misadventures of Arthur Dent. He is an unwitting Earthman who is rescued just before Earth’s demolition by Ford Prefect, an alien and researcher for the titular “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Together with an eclectic cast of characters including Zaphod Beeblebrox, Trillian, and Marvin the Paranoid Android, they embark on a cosmic journey filled with absurdity and humour. The book is known for its satirical take on science fiction tropes, bureaucracy, and the human condition.

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4. Foundation

foundation sci fi book

This Isaac Asimov novel is set in a future galactic empire. It revolves around the concept of ‘psychohistory,’ a fictional science that combines history, sociology, and mathematics to predict the future of large populations. The story follows mathematician Hari Seldon, who foresees the inevitable fall of the Galactic Empire and the ensuing dark age that will last for millennia. To reduce the duration of this period of chaos and suffering, Seldon establishes two Foundations at the far ends of the galaxy, each dedicated to preserving knowledge and guiding humanity’s recovery.

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5. Neuromancer

neuromancer sci fi book
A Sky of Books and Movies

This William Gibson book is a cyberpunk masterpiece. It follows Case, a washed-up hacker, as he dives into a gritty world of corporate intrigue, AI, and virtual reality. Set in a dystopian future where megacorporations wield immense power, Case navigates a gritty, high-tech world filled with hacking, artificial intelligence, and virtual realms. Gibson’s novel pioneered the genre, introducing the concept of the ‘Matrix’ and exploring themes of technology’s impact on identity and society.

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6. Brave New World

brave new world sci fi book

Published in 1932, this Aldous Huxley book is a dystopian classic. Set in a futuristic society, it explores a world where citizens are engineered for specific roles. Emotions are suppressed with a drug called ‘soma,’ and personal freedom is sacrificed for societal stability. The novel follows Bernard Marx, who rebels against this conformist world, and John ‘the Savage,’ who was born outside of this controlled society.

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7. Ender’s Game

ender's game sci fi book
Open Library

This Orson Scott Card book is a celebrated science fiction novel published in 1985. The story is set in a future where humanity faces an imminent threat from an alien race known as the Formics or ‘Buggers.’ To prepare for a potential invasion, the government recruits exceptionally gifted children into a military training program. The protagonist, Ender Wiggin, emerges as a brilliant strategist and leader within this program. The novel explores themes of leadership, empathy, and the consequences of extreme training and isolation on young minds.

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8. Hyperion

hyperion sci fi book

The first book in the Hyperion Cantos series, this Dan Simmons book was published in 1989. The novel is structured as a series of interconnected narratives, each told by one of seven pilgrims on a journey to the distant planet of Hyperion. As they travel, they share their life stories, which are as diverse as they are haunting, ranging from tales of love and tragedy to war and redemption. Hyperion has earned acclaim for its compelling characters and its ability to blend grand cosmic concepts with deeply personal stories.

9. The Left Hand Of Darkness

the left hand of darkness sci fi book
Lone Peak Book Club

This groundbreaking work of science fiction, written by Ursula K. Le Guin, was published in 1969. Set on the planet Gethen, it explores the intricate androgynous biology of its inhabitants, who can assume both male and female roles depending on their reproductive cycle. The story follows Genly Ai, an ambassador from the Ekumen, an interstellar alliance of worlds, as he navigates the complex and gender-fluid society of Gethen while trying to establish diplomatic relations.

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10. Snow Crash

snow crash sci fi book
Nat Eliason

This novel by Neal Stephenson was published in 1992. Set in a near-future America, it presents a fast-paced world where the internet, or the ‘Metaverse,’ has become an immersive virtual reality. The story revolves around Hiro Protagonist, a hacker and pizza delivery driver, who stumbles upon a new drug called Snow Crash that has the power to infect users both in the virtual world and in reality. Teaming up with a skateboard courier named Y.T., Hiro embarks on a high-stakes adventure to uncover the mystery behind Snow Crash and its connection to a linguistic virus that threatens to destabilize society.

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11. The Martian

the martian sci fi book

Published in 2011, this book by Andy Weir follows Mark Watney, an astronaut and botanist who becomes stranded on Mars during a manned mission. Presumed dead and with limited supplies, Watney faces the daunting task of surviving in the harsh Martian environment until rescue is possible. The book alternates between Watney’s log entries and the efforts of NASA and his crewmates to rescue him. Its success led to a popular film adaptation directed by Ridley Scott in 2015.

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12. Fahrenheit 451

fahrenheit 451 sci fi book

Set in a future society where books are banned and ‘firemen’ burn any that are discovered, the story follows Guy Montag, a fireman who begins to question the oppressive regime he serves. As Montag becomes disillusioned with the shallow and controlled world around him, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and rebellion. He joins a group of intellectuals who memorize books to preserve their knowledge and cultural heritage. This phenomenal book was written by Ray Bradbury in 1953.

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13. A Clockwork Orange

a clockwork orange sci fi book
The New York Times

Published in 1962, this novel by Anthony Burgess is provocative and disturbing. Set in a dystopian future, it follows the life of Alex, a young delinquent and sociopath who engages in acts of extreme violence and crime with his gang of ‘droogs.’ The novel is narrated by Alex. After being apprehended by the authorities, Alex undergoes an experimental form of rehabilitation that aims to condition him against violence. The novel explores themes of free will, moral choice, and the ethics of behavioural conditioning.

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14. The War Of The Worlds

the war of the worlds sci fi book
Simon & Schuster

Written by H.G. Wells, this novel is a pioneering science fiction novel published in 1898. It tells the story of an alien invasion of Earth by Martians, who arrive in colossal tripods and unleash destruction on humanity. The narrator’s struggle for survival and his observations on the human condition during this crisis provide a powerful and thought-provoking narrative. It also serves as an allegory for British imperialism and the potential consequences of encountering a technologically superior civilization.

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15. Stranger In A Strange Land

stranger in a strange land sci fi book

This Robert A. Heinlein science fiction novel follows Valentine Michael Smith, a human raised by Martians on the red planet. When he returns to Earth as an adult, he brings with him Martian knowledge and culture, including psychic and telekinetic abilities. Smith’s arrival on Earth sparks a cultural and social revolution as he challenges the norms and institutions of human society.

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16. The Expanse Series

the expanse series sci fi book
The Book Bundle

This series by James S.A. Corey currently consists of nine novels with more planned. The series is known for its intricate world-building, engaging characters, and a compelling blend of space opera, political intrigue, and mystery. Here are the nine novels – Leviathan Wakes (2011), Caliban’s War (2012), Abaddon’s Gate (2013), Cibola Burn (2014), Nemesis Games (2015), Babylon’s Ashes (2016), Persepolis Rising (2017), Tiamat’s Wrath (2019), and Leviathan Falls (2021).

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17. Childhood’s End

childhood's end sci fi book
File 770

This classic science fiction novel was written by Arthur C. Clarke in 1953. It is set in a future where Earth is visited by mysterious and benevolent extraterrestrial beings known as the Overlords. These enigmatic creatures, led by the Overlord Karellen, bring an era of peace and prosperity to Earth, ending war and conflict. It’s a thought-provoking work that challenges conventional ideas about human progress and the consequences of utopian ideals.

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18. Altered Carbon

altered carbon sci fi book
Pierre Santamaria

This 2002 cyberpunk science fiction novel was written by Richard K. Morgan. The story is set in a future where consciousness can be transferred between bodies, known as ‘sleeves,’ thanks to advanced technology. Takeshi Kovacs is a former soldier and criminal who is hired to investigate a wealthy man’s apparent suicide. As he delves deeper into the case, Kovacs uncovers a web of corruption, intrigue, and powerful individuals who manipulate and extend their lives by switching bodies.

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19. The Three-Body Problem

the three body problem sci fi book
Markus McDowell

Originally published in Chinese, this Liu Cixin book was translated into English in 2014. It’s the first book in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy, also known as the Three-Body Problem trilogy. The story begins during the tumultuous years of China’s Cultural Revolution and introduces readers to Ye Wenjie, an astrophysicist who makes contact with an extraterrestrial civilization known as the Trisolarans. The narrative then shifts to the present day, where Wang Miao, a scientist, becomes embroiled in a mysterious virtual reality game and a series of bizarre scientific phenomena.

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20. The Time Machine

the time machine sci fi book
Embassy Books

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is a classic science fiction novella published in 1895. It is considered one of the earliest works of science fiction to explore the concept of time travel. The story follows an unnamed protagonist, referred to as the Time Traveller, who invents a machine that allows him to travel through time. The Time Traveller’s observations of these future societies lead to profound reflections on the nature of humanity, civilization, and the consequences of technological advancement.

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21. Red Mars

red mars sci fi book
Open Library

Written by Kim Stanley Robinson, this book is the first novel in the Mars Trilogy. The story begins with the arrival of the first one hundred colonists on Mars, a diverse group of scientists, engineers, and technicians. As they work to transform the harsh Martian environment into a habitable one, political, social, and environmental conflicts arise. These tensions intensify as various factions vie for control of the Red Planet and its resources.

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22. Starship Troopers

starship troopers sci fi book

Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein is a classic military science fiction novel published in 1959. The story is set in a future where Earth is governed by a military-driven society and is embroiled in a war against a hostile insectoid alien species known as the Arachnids, or ‘Bugs.’ The novel follows the protagonist, Juan “Johnny” Rico, as he enlists in the Mobile Infantry, a futuristic military unit equipped with powered exoskeletons, and becomes involved in the brutal interstellar conflict. Throughout the narrative, Heinlein explores themes of citizenship, duty, responsibility, and the moral complexities of warfare.

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23. The Windup Girl

the windup girl

Published in 2009, this novel is set in a future world where biotechnology has taken centre stage, and genetic engineering plays a crucial role in creating new forms of life and energy sources. The story unfolds in the city of Bangkok, which has become one of the last bastions of civilization in a world plagued by environmental collapse and corporate control. The novel follows a cast of characters, including Anderson Lake, a biotech company agent searching for new genetic resources, and Emiko, a ‘windup girl,’ a genetically modified and enslaved being created for labour and entertainment. The novel was written by Paolo Bacigalupi.

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24. The Forever War

the forever war
Black Gate

The story follows William Mandella, a physics student drafted into an elite military unit tasked with fighting an interstellar war against an alien species known as the Taurans. Due to the relativistic effects of space travel, soldiers experience time passing differently, causing them to age at a much slower rate than those on Earth. Mandella’s journey spans centuries, and he witnesses the dramatic changes in society and technology on Earth during his deployments. Written by Joe Haldeman, this classic military science fiction novel was published in 1974.

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25. A Fire Upon The Deep

a fire upon the deep

A Fire Upon The Deep by Vernor Vinge is a highly regarded science fiction novel published in 1992. The story is set in a universe where technology and intelligence are linked to the proximity to the galactic core, resulting in a hierarchy of technological zones. At the galaxy’s centre, advanced superintelligent entities reside, while at the fringes, technology is limited to more primitive levels. The novel has earned the Hugo Award for Best Novel, solidifying its place as a must-read in the science fiction genre.

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26. The Road

the road sci fi book
The New York Times

This novel tells the harrowing and bleak story of a father and his young son as they journey through a desolate and devastated landscape in search of safety and survival. It does not specify the cause of the apocalypse, but it paints a haunting picture of a world stripped of civilization, where food is scarce, and danger lurks around every corner. It received widespread critical acclaim, including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. This post-apocalyptic novel written by Cormac McCarthy was published in 2006.

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27. The Quantum Thief

the quantum thief sci fi book

The story follows Jean le Flambeur, a master thief who has been incarcerated in a Dilemma Prison, which is a unique and highly secure facility where prisoners are forced to compete in a series of heists and puzzles to earn their freedom. Jean is eventually freed by a powerful and enigmatic warrior, Mieli, and together they embark on a series of high-stakes heists across the solar system. Published in 2010, this science fiction novel was written by Hannu Rajaniemi.

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28. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

do androids dream of electric sheep sci fi book

The iconic film Blade Runner was based on this novel written by Philip K. Dick. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the story follows Rick Deckard, a bounty hunter tasked with destroying rogue androids that have escaped to Earth from off-world colonies. The novel delves into themes of artificial intelligence, empathy, identity, and what it means to be human. It explores the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the treatment of androids and the blurred line between humans and machines.

29. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

the moon is a harsh mistress sci fi book
Pop Verse

The story is set in a future lunar colony known as Luna, which is used by Earth as a penal colony and a source of resources. The narrative follows Manuel “Manny” Garcia O’Kelly-Davis, a computer technician who becomes involved in a revolutionary movement for lunar independence. With the help of an advanced computer named Mike, which possesses artificial intelligence and a distinct personality, Manny and his allies plan a rebellion against Earth’s oppressive control. This Robert A. Heinlein classic science fiction novel was published in 1966.

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30. The Dispossessed

the dispossessed sci fi book

The story follows Shevek, a physicist from the anarchistic moon of Anarres, as he travels to the neighbouring planet of Urras. On Anarres, society is organized around the principles of collectivism and mutual aid, while Urras is marked by capitalism and hierarchy. Shevek’s journey leads him to confront the contrasting political and social systems of the two worlds, and he becomes a symbol of change and unity. This groundbreaking science fiction novel was written by Ursula K. Le Guin and was published in 1974.

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From the classics that laid the foundation of the genre to contemporary works pushing the boundaries of human thought, sci-fi books have the power to inspire, challenge, and entertain. Read these books to discover not only incredible stories but also a reflection of our own ever-evolving humanity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is considered sci-fi in books?

A: Science fiction (sci-fi) in books is a genre of speculative fiction that explores imaginative and often futuristic concepts that are grounded in science, technology, and the potential impact of scientific advancements on society and individuals.

Q: Where to start reading sci-fi books?

A: You can begin your exploration of the sci-fi genre by identifying your interests, considering classic sci-fi, exploring award-winning books, starting with stand-alone novels, joining sci-fi reading communities, and reading short stories.

Q: What sci-fi fantasy should I read?

A: Some sci-fi fantasy that you should read are – Dune by Frank Herbert, The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin, and Perdido Street Station by China Miéville.

Q: What is the full form of sci-fi?

A: The full form of sci-fi is science fiction.

Q: Are sci fi books good?

A: Whether science fiction books are considered ‘good’ or not is subjective and depends on individual preferences and tastes. Science fiction, like any genre of literature, encompasses a wide range of styles, themes, and qualities. Some people are passionate fans of science fiction and find it to be a source of profound ideas, imaginative storytelling, and thought-provoking exploration of scientific and technological concepts. Others may not resonate with the genre and prefer different types of literature.