Books are magic. We read them. We appreciate them. We collect them. We sugges them. We pass them on. But we also hoard them at times.


It’s a different feeling altogether to own the books you’ve always wanted to. Not everyone will understand this and these are the people who will ask you,”Why hoard books”?

A Twitter user, Vivek Tejuja, answered this question beautifully.

Just the touch and feel of books gives hope to a book lover. Have you ever turned the pages of a book randomly and felt satisfied? That’s why.


In a world where one cannot trust people around or wait for them until eternity books will always be by your side. They don’t cheat or judge you.

You can count on them in the darkest of hours. They’ll give you solace when you need it the most and peace of mind when nothing seems to be working.

Vivek concludes his thread with the thought that books are the only constant once can depend upon. They just stay.


So don’t feel guilty for owning books you’ve already read or those you will never read because it’s the feeling that matters.