In a country with abundant talent, keeping the age-old 60/90-day notice period policy, which was created to combat rapid turnover, should be a crime.

There’ll be hardly anyone who would think otherwise, but if you still need reasons, here are some reasons why notice periods of more than a month are unethical.

1. You will lose good opportunities

Most companies want candidates to join immediately, and when they get to know there is a two or three months notice period, good candidates lose on good opportunities.

 2. You are not paid a salary during the notice period

You’ll do the work but you won’t get paid for it, I don’t know how this became legal in the first place. Employees are supposed to serve a two/three months notice period and they don’t even get paid until much later. How are they suppose to manage their expenses for three months? 

3. Payments are made 30-40 days after the last day at work

You don’t even get paid the due amount on your last working day. Nope. You work for free for three months and they will pay you 30-40 days after the last day at work. Just consider the premium you could have earned if you invested that money for that duration!

4. You can’t avail any benefits, including leaves, during your notice period

It’s not just that you work without pay for months, you can’t even get any benefits during this period that you’d otherwise get. And that includes leaves. Kaafi healthy working conditions.

5. Other people have biases that employees don’t work hard enough during the notice period

Work without pay for months, don’t get any benefits during the period, still people say employees don’t work hard enough and just laze around during their notice period. 

6. Got a petty boss? Your life can turn into hell

Don’t even get me started on how your life can turn into absolute hell if you have got a petty boss. They make you work like you asked for their kid’s hand in marriage and make already unhealthy work conditions even worse. 

7. Work extra hard, because you need that recommendation

You have to work extra hard and in a bad work atmosphere because, god forbid, you make one mistake, and your recommendation letter will be tanked. 

8. Not every company can buy you out

Big multi-national companies can buy out a candidate’s notice period, but it’s not a luxury every company can afford. Small companies, especially startups, don’t have the funds to buy out the notice period. 

The most unfair thing is companies want you to join immediately while they need two-three months notice period to relieve you. A notice period of one month is acceptable, it’s enough time to train your successor but anything beyond that is simply unethical. 

How many days’ notice period do you have, and what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below. 

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