“You need to work from the office now,” is a sentence that can instantly put me in a panicked condition at this point. Despite the fact that some of us initially despised working from home, we have gradually become used to it. 

Now that we’ve gotten comfortable with this setup, our employers want us back in the office. And, obviously, no one is looking forward to changing out of their sweatpants or being stuck in traffic on their way to work.

Well, at least some Bangalore residents aren’t pleased about it, and they’ve taken to Reddit to vent how much they dread returning to the office. One of the Reddit users, who works in the city, wrote a lengthy post about why they no longer like going to work. In fact, the user went on to say that about 70% of the staff at the company felt the same way and that WFH had allowed them to spend more time with their family.

Numerous people who have been experiencing a similar situation took to the comments section to express how tough it is to return to the workplace after spending so much time working from home.

1. “I wish more of the workforce felt this way because the crowd and traffic outside is mentally draining. Would do all of us a great deal of good if most of us stayed home and enjoyed the comfort of WFH. I am shocked at the traffic situation at 7 AM; Bangalore wasn’t like this.”


2. “After driving for 6 days, I went to the office in the last few weeks. I have 3 scratches on my new car. The traffic is insane and nobody gives a fuck. Told my team I was not coming to the office except for odd days when we had an important meeting. No one has said anything till now. Told everyone in the office group that mental well-being talks are bullshit if you want your employees to bear this torture. Giving a premium Headspace subscription will do jackshit if the guy is stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours each day.”


3. “Bangalore is overpopulated AF. Either they should build new satellite cities or make WFH the new normal.”


4. “I came to Bangalore 3 days ago after WFH for 2 years, same as you. I use Ola, Uber, and Rapido simultaneously to book a ride, and in the end, I put my life at risk by going on a Rapido bike.”


5. “I’m going to the office every day! 🙁 It’s been 100% attendance in my office for the last 6 months. Typing this from the office. Crying from the office!”


6. “As my job can’t be done from home, I’m so surprised that people don’t want to come to the office. On the other hand, I also want you guys at home so that traffic doesn’t get worse than it is now.”


7. “Bro, you are staying far from the office, and traffic will eat you alive. Going to the office twice a week is fine if you are within 20 minutes and own a personal vehicle. I had more interesting discussions at the office than at home. If you have a good team and most of them are bachelors or easy-going, it might be fun. Don’t expect to get shit done at the office and plan your week accordingly.”


8.”I have similar feelings. Going to the office is a waste of time unless you stay within 15 minutes. But I find I am more productive in the office, as I don’t speak a lot and I am an introverted person and also eat alone when possible. I did explore nearby co-working spaces. But now I have a good setup at home with a standing desk, so I prefer working at home. Personally, I wish to stay within walking distance of my office and go every day.”


9. “I went for one day. The lack of work I did was crazy. I just spent time going around meeting the new folks and re-exploring the office.”


10. “LMAO, so true. Productivity drops by 2% in the office. IDK why it’s being made mandatory for many people.”


11. “Please let’s just go on hartal until we all get permanent WFH forever and ever. We can just sip cold coffee and work at our own pace with no chit-chat from people we can’t even tolerate. I really need this to happen.”


12. “Exactly! as a pretty anxious person, it’s really stressful as all the project members are from different locations and you don’t know anyone here. Everyone is already preoccupied with their work. Plus the cost of travel and time wasted. Bring WFH back!”


Are you listening, bosses? No one wants to be stuck in an office.