While growing up, and finding ourselves, we are mostly closest to our siblings. This also develops a sync and an understanding that might help in a professional environment. Here, the ability to scrutinize and still understand where they come from is something that comes easy. So, it’s not very surprising when sibling entrepreneurs become a success story. 

Here’s a list of some sibling entrepreneurs who’ve created innovative brands together:

1. Sujata and Taniya Biswas: SUTA

Started by Sujata and Taniya, SUTA is a fresh design house that aims to bring traditional and contemporary style together. The sister duo met with weavers from Bengal, and decided on starting this journey where they sell a wide variety of handmade products including sarees, accessories, home décor and more.

2. Ashish Chopra & Vishesh Chopra: BeUnic

BeUnic is a community-driven queer owned platform that promotes LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs to showcase their products online, that helps them reach a wider market. The brand sells products like home décor, footwear, clothes and more. It also aims at getting people from the queer community jobs with queer-friendly organisations. 


3. Nikky Kumar Jha & Rashmi Jha: Saptkrishi

The siblings appeared on Shark Tank India, where their product was highly appreciated by the judges. However, they didn’t secure a deal. Saptkrishi is an agri-tech based startup, and their main objective is the formation of cost-effective storage and provide transportation benefits for small and big cultivators and traders associated with outturn and transportation of agricultural goods.


4. Prachi Gupta, Tanvi Gupta & Vanshika Gupta: The Mad Dresser 

The three siblings’ brand aims at creating a more convenient shopping experience for women. The idea behind The Mad Dresser is to study a customer’s profile in depth, and understand their style and needs. After the process, a unique box is created which is delivered at the doorstep. 


5. Shivang & Shivika Sood: La Kheer Deli

The brother-sister duo have created a brand, where they sell their mother’s kheer recipes. The uniqueness is that the kheer is available in different flavours like Nutella, brownie, chocolate, oreo, and gulkand. The Pune based family also appeared on Shark Tank India, where the judges liked the concept and quality of the brand.


6. Avantika & Mrityunjay Jalan: Mana Organics

Avantika and Mrityunjay’s idea behind Mana Organics is to sustain organic tea production on their 600-hectare tea estates at Chota Tingrai in Assam. The brand sells better tasting, eco-friendly tea while promoting authentic organic management, and ethical treatment of workers and farmers.

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7. Tutu & Asang: Shipen – Shisang

Shipen – Shisang is a homegrown brand from Nagaland. It mainly focuses on minimalism and is suitable for both regular wear and occasion wear clothing. They have been brought up in Dimapur. The fact that they find inspirations for the designs by interacting with, and observing regular people in their day-to-day life, is what makes the brand unique.

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8. Meherwan & Mehma Bawa: Artisan Meats

The brand offers preserved meats using locally available produce. It was started in 2015, with the idea to bring back traditional practices of handling and processing meat. Chef Meherwan Bawa started professional cooking at the age of 17 while Mehma was interested in entrepreneurship, which led them to start Artisan Meats.

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9. Pallavi & Malvika Lalwani: Ziddi

Ziddi is sustainable handmade design startup which aims at reviving the Patwa thread craft. They also aim at creating a space for craftsperson who are dependent on the fading craft. Pallavi is an architect and Malvika, a NIFT alumnus – who brought their varied skills to this brand.

10. Divyansh Arora & Garvit Arora: Daga 

Daga is a lable that aims at offering fusion of Indian and contemporary luxury fashion. While doing this, the brand also caters to helping the needy by providing them clothes from scrap fabrics – for people around Jasola Vihar, near Noida.

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Who knew, siblings can actually work together and that too – so well.