Shark Tank India is undisputedly that new kid in town who is cool enough to steal the thunder of all the existing ones. We’re hooked to the show for almost a month to simply satiate our hunger for something out-of-the-box, which the show rightfully offers.

Nonetheless, the more spotlight it garners, the more eagle-eyed fans try to nit-pick the show. So, Shark Anupam Mittal himself took it to LinkedIn and gently dispelled the myths.

1. The show is scripted. 

Shark Mittal debunks this myth, stating that he was startled to learn that the first time they get introduced to the idea would be on stage. The emotions, drama, funding, everything is genuine. 

In fact, I was surprised to find out that the first time we would be exposed to the idea and the founders is when they walk through the door of the tank.
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2. The money invested is not theirs. 

The amount of high-points and low-notes the sharks have with the entrepreneurs is superfluous if they’re investing someone else’s money. It is, without a doubt, their own money.

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3. The Sharks are rude on purpose. 

The zeal which the Sharks are fueled with, oozes out when a potential idea is clubbed with an impractical ask. The outburst may seem vicious, but the goal is to blaze a trail for the pitcher’s success.

We are just passionate. So when one sees that there is a potential idea with an impractical ask, one can react strongly. We all want each and every pitcher to succeed.

4. The Sharks demand a huge chunk of equity in the companies. 

The Sharks are placing their own money at risk, so they must be satisfied with the deal. Besides that, they’re also investing their time by involving themselves to help the firm climb the ladder of success. 

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5. The Sharks use the platform to promote their brands. 

Without a doubt, the show indirectly boosts their businesses. Their bigger goal, though, is to play a little role in democratising entrepreneurship in India.

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6. The Sharks don’t fund deserving companies. 

The Sharks are best placed to pick whom to fund, and their judgments are based on their experience and knowledge. The platform, whether the pitchers bag a deal or not, guarantees benefits by opening many doors for them even outside the show. 

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7. The show differs from Shark Tank US. 

It’s not supposed to be identical anyway. Despite the fact that the format is the same, the two countries are significantly different and thereby, need to be addressed with a different approach. 

Our attitudes, emotions & culture set us apart. Even popular global shows, including KBC, have developed their own unique character for India.

8. The Sharks have only one pair of clothes. 

Mittal, ironically, himself wanted this complaint to be resolved but instead received multiple duplicates of the same attire by Sony. On a practical note, they do change their fits, and the reason behind repeating them is that it allows flexibility in editing. 

Tell me about it! I had the same complaint and Sony was kind enough to get us multiple copies of the same 🙈 Seriously, we do change. 
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