There’s no doubt that most desi kids grow up watching a number of television soaps with their mothers. From turning into a tiger on their honeymoon to breaking a piece of the moon, there are several weird scenes from daily soaps that make us go ‘um okay?‘.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!

However, with time, we have been introduced to shows that bring us comfort and warmth. And, one such show is Gullak. From an excellent star cast to a quirky storyline, this show is surely an underrated gem. Revolving around a typical middle-class family, this show is nothing but purely entertaining. Just like the first and second seasons, the third season of the show also focuses on the Mishra family and their share of struggles.


Nevertheless, the thing that made a home in our hearts from the show is the hot and cold relationship between the two brothers, Anand ‘Annu’ Mishra (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) and Aman Mishra (Harsh Mayar). 

So, let’s take a look at the sibling moments that made the show so fun and relatable. Read on.

1. When Aman faces suspension for submitting sugarcane juice for his Chemistry test, Annu was the one who supported his little brother. 

Because he understood how it’s difficult news to break to their middle-class parents.

Yaar yeh toh samasya hai. Postmaster ko rokna padega. Kuch pata hai kab tak aayega?

2. When Aman asks Annu to buy him something from his first salary, it reminded all of us of our older siblings and how they owe us something too.

Hmm. *texting my elder sister*

Humare paas toh paise nahi hai na. Paise toh tumhi ko dene hai. Pehli baar salary aayi hai. Tumhare chhote bhai hai, humare liye bhi toh kuch socho.

3. From their parents to the society, when everyone wants Aman to take science as his stream, it was Annu who understands that Aman wants to do arts and make his future bright.

Don’t we all need a sibling like Annu?

Arts padhke kuch toh karenge. Kam se kam khush toh rahenge. 

4. When Annu keep all his party plans aside and helps Aman with his school fees with his first salary, it was one of the best on-screen sibling moments in television history.

It made us all go aww.

Gaye woh din jahaan baap ka joota pehenke beta bada hota hai. Ab agar family ke karche ki parchi bhar paa raha hai, toh duniya ki nazron mein khada hota hai.

5. When their father, Santosh Mishra, is battling for his life, after a minor heart attack, the two brothers are seen sharing a heart-warming moment.


Humari phatt gayi thi yaar. Aise hi jaate hai yaar log. Koi kisi ko kuch nahi batake jaata. 

6. When Annu, unimpressed by Aman’s idea of burgundy highlights, takes him to a barbershop and asks him to give his younger one a katora-cut.

 Ah, how the nostalgia came back!

Hero lagenge bhaiya bilkul.

7. When they make Thailand plans. 

Ugh, it’s still a dream for many of us. *cries in a corner*

Extra paisa aayega toh extra kamra banega, extra latrine banegi, extra seedhiyaan banengi aur ho sakta hai hum log Thailand bhi ghhomne chale jaaye.

8. Oh, and how can we forget their oh-so-cute banter on the terrace?

Tu Kar“, “Nahi Tu Kar“.

Bheegti rahe, hum chooyenge bhi nahi isko. Hum naabaalik hai.

9. Only an elder brother like Annu can ‘bribe’ the pandit ji just because he wants to convince his parents for changing Aman’s stream.

Are you even an older brother if you haven’t spoilt your younger one?

Iske toh maathe pe likha hai ki yeh bacha iss ghar ki nayi takdeer likhega. Kalakaar chupa hain isske andar. Yeh apne pariwaar ka naam roshan karega. 

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Needless to say, Gullak is one of the best shows, EVER!

Please note that all the images are taken from SonyLIV.