Shark Tank India was a show that left a mark on the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs. On this Reddit thread, a viewer of the show shared his observations on how businesses can get funding on Shark Tank India

The user StreetAbject8313 shared his insights on different aspects of the show like which shark to pitch to, which sector is the best, who should pitch and the business model. For the industry, he said:

Technology is tied at the third position along with healthcare, and there’s a reason. Tech is proprietary… Tech is also booming- and if you bet on the right startup, it can be a big, big return. That’s why you can always bet on this space if you have a good product. Transportation might have not gotten deals, laikin every transport startup that came didn’t go empty-handed. Hence, the industry that you could be pointing your eyes towards is the tech and transport industry.


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He also talks about which Shark Tank India judge invested the most in which sector. 

But we also have Peyush Bansal, a full-on tech nerd who spent more than half of his more than a million dollars of investment into tech. If you get Peyush, you’re basically swimming in a ‘shark tank’ with the protection of a whale.


The most interesting bit was the pitching room and how many people should demonstrate their business.

While husband-wife duos made a good portion of the deals, trios, groups of four (both genders) and duos/single men did best. 



People praised the user for sharing his tips on pitching ideas.

“Awesome post! Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from it. Jokes bhi on point the :D”

– Captainemo19

“Quite liked the way u compiled the data and gave a shark tank-esque touch to it…” 

– Zzzhikhar

“…I honestly have no startup idea but if I ever do, will post on the sub and tag you as a shark! Will remember.”

– BubbleTheTrouble

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