Shark Tank India is one of the most popular and insanely interesting reality shows today on Indian television. Yeah, singing and dance reality shows are fun and games (minus India’s Got Talent’s beautiful people who shove swords down their throats), but jo thrill Shark Tank ke entrepreneurial pitches ko dekh kar aata hai, it’s unmatched. 

From Ashneer Grover’s antics when he loses his temper when someone says “brand”, to Aman Gupta’s FOMO when Ashneer makes a deal, and Namita Thapar’s “non-expertise” fields, it has it all. And moreover, bizness is monies and we all love monies.

Jagran Josh

So do you too have a business idea that can get you a pitch opportunity on Shark Tank India? Are you the next big name in the entrepreneur field with your unique vision? Will you change the world? If you screamed YASS to all these, then why not register for the show, and get those investments?

Here’s how you can register as an entrepreneur on Shark Tank India and get your business up and running!

If you have an already running business or a startup idea, the show is for you. With financial support, Shark Tank India can help you realize your dreams. Budding entrepreneurs from across India register for their turn, and if they get selected, it’s one step closer to a deal with the sharks.

You can follow these listed steps to register:

1. Download the SonyLiv app on your phone or log on to

2. Next, complete the login procedure if you haven’t already. You will be asked to verify your phone number with an OTP.
3. On the app, tap the Shark Tank India banner. If you’re using your browser, go to portal. 
4. Now that you are in, complete the step-by-step registration process for participating in the show. 
5. The form consists of several pages, so make sure you fill all the mandatory fields with relevant and updated information. 
6. Now, you can upload the document/video of your business pitch and complete the registration process. 
7. Note that for the pitch, a video size of 1GB is allowed. It is 100 MB for the rest of the uploads.

After this, sit back and wait for the team to contact you if you have made it to the next round. If your pitch and answers are ah-maah-zing, you will probably get in. But if you don’t, losing heart is not an option as you can try again next year! 

India Times

Just don’t do dogalapan when preparing your pitch as people won’t probably like it.