Shark Tank India has kick-started entrepreneurial conversations in India. The Indian version of the popular show Shark Tank has convinced Indian parents to think beyond government jobs.

The sharks, aka investors, of the show provide opportunities to young entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas on national television.

Now that season 1 of the show is about to end, Anupam Mittal gives us insights into some cool facts about the show.

Talking about the fire the show has sparked to Indian startups, Anupam shared some eye-opening figures from season 1 of Shark Tank India.

He asks us to read those numbers again! “These are all records in their own right and indicate the start of a long-term virtuous cycle.”

Anupam is thrilled to create opportunities for Youngpreneurs, Womenpreneurs, Bharatpreneurs & Fampreneurs. 

Reflecting on the opportunities he created for Indian entrepreneurs, he shared the contribution he made for them:

My personal statistics are committed 5.4 Crs in 24 Cos, 70% are led by Youngpreneurs, 50% by Womenpreneurs & 30% in companies founded by Couples & Families. I couldn’t be more proud of contributing to #IncredibleIndia and our amazingly passionate entrepreneurs.

He summed up the post with these poetic lines:

You can read the entire post here:

So much progress from just one reality show! We are rooting for more change Shark Tank India.

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