The world had almost stopped during the pandemic – jobs transitioned to the work from home culture and we hardly left home. There were however people, who didn’t stop, because our lives depended a lot on them. This included professionals on the frontlines and even delivery agents for food and other services.


A LinkedIn user, Srinivasan Jayaraman shared about the struggles of working as a food delivery person. The former Tata Consultancy Services employee shared that after he had left his job, he started spending time with his family. Given that, there was time before his joining in the new organisation – he chose to work with Zomato in the break between, as a part-time delivery agent. 


Srinivasan talked about the challenges that he has been facing on a daily basis, which include – not being able to locate a restaurant, the fact that phone numbers aren’t updated properly at times, a long-distance delivery location and finally, the hike in petrol prices. This is an eye opener, the fact that all jobs come with their own struggles and hence, we shouldn’t disrespect any work.


He added that people often consider a delivery agent’s job as disrespectful or less. But, the amount of hard-work that it requires cannot be accounted by all. This makes it important for all of us to develop a little more compassion. 

Many people think that a delivery boy’s job is disrespectful. Even when I told my family, they first said no. We need to change this mindset. No job is easy and no job is disrespectful. If we love what we are doing, that is the best job in this world. 

-Srinivasan Jayaraman

Many reacted to the post, appreciating him for his commendable efforts.


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These are jobs that remain thankless because of the lack of empathy and it’s time, we bridge the gap.