It’s festive season, and for most desis this is the part of the year when we’re a little less concerned with the everyday-chaos of life. This is when we put our defences down, enjoy time with family, eat good food and just let life be. And those of us who get treated by their work-places during this time of the year, are clearly lucky little buggers. For instance, take a look at all these extravagant things desis have been given as Diwali presents. Just don’t let it water down your holiday-cheer.

1. Cars

Mits Healthcare, a Haryana-based pharma company gave 12 of its ‘star employees’ cars as pre-Diwali gifts this year.

2. Royal Enfield Bikes

The owner of a tea estate in Tamil Nadu’s Kotagiri bought his employees Royal Enfield Bikes worth over ₹2 lakh each. In fact, a video of P. Sivakumar riding bikes with his employees also went viral as well!

3. Cryptocurrency

In 2021, Totality Corp, a company for Playable NFT’s Gaming Universe decided to celebrate Diwali by giving its employees cryptocurrency.

4. Residential Spaces

Savji Dholakia, owner of Surat-based Hare Krishna Exports gifted his employees 400 flats as a Diwali bonuses back in 2016. Though, the company will pay ₹5,000 of the loan instalments on the cars for five years.

Extravagant Office Diwali Gifts
Credit: IndiaTV news

5. Scooters

In 2021, Alliance Group (which runs a business of embroidery machines) in Surat presented its employees with electric scooters worth ₹76,848 on the occasion of Diwali. Part of the reason behind this decision was the rising cost fuel!

Extravagant Office Diwali Gifts
Credit: ANI

6. Vacations

In 2020, the Finance department (under Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia), before Diwali, gave its employees a festival package that included a leave travel allowance in addition to ₹10,000 in cash.

7. More Cars

Savji Dholakia, the founder of Hari Krishna Exports, in 2018, gifted three of his long-serving employees Mercedes Benz SUVs, each worth a whopping ₹1 crore.

And then there are those who get soan papdi as a Diwali bonus, and hope their leaves will be approved for the holiday season.