There are a bunch of things we expect from our companies. From acknowledging the basic efforts to giving the freedom to work, there are several basic things that lack for people, in their respective jobs. We asked numerous people about the things they want from their companies and here are the most notable responses. Let’s take a look!

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1. “I think there should be a mental health counselor in the office so that employees can vent out, rather than feeling bad about it for weeks.”

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2. “Additional perks are a must.”

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3. “I wish there was a nap room or lounge in the office to rest and charge up.”

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4. “I want all to-be-fathers to have paternity leaves as much as their wives to assist them in their tough times. It’s quite basic.”
-Ayush Jain

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5. “This is for people who set the tone for general office behavior. While being strict is necessary at times, you cannot make people so afraid of making mistakes, they don’t even want to try. Plus, everyone deserves to be treated with respect – everyone is just doing their job.”

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6. “I wish they understood that just because they are seniors or at a higher position, they can’t belittle the new employees or the employees with lesser experience.” 
-Rahul Ahuja

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7. “To put an end to this toxic ‘hustle culture’. I mean, what’s the need? Do good work, at a good pace and maintain the work-life balance, right?”
-Srishti Asthana

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8. “Just a four-day work week, period.”
-Aditya Kapoor

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9. “I hope the companies talk freely about periods. Be it period leaves or actually giving out free pads or tampons, we need to be more vocal about it.”

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10. “To appreciate the skills and hard work, and to compensate for it. Taking all the credit as managers themselves is a big red flag!”

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Dear bosses, please see and acknowledge!