Spaces make a huge difference, which is why an office space decides the culture of work and how a workplace functions. It’s almost like all the big ideas are made and born in those cubicles. There’s a reason we talk about office spaces when we talk about the origin story of a business or firm. All famous entrepreneurs have sort of a motive associated with where they start their work. Steve Jobs is one example. So, in a way, it is interesting to associate all the big entrepreneurs with their work-spaces.

Here’s what we mean.

1. JRD Tata

His office had a simplistic approach with a subtle colour palette, and included elements of interest – or mostly, work.

2. Ambanis

The Ambanis may be grand with their lifestyle and festivities, but their office is a simple space with things that you’d find in most workplaces.

3. Steve Jobs

Jobs’ home office was full of things of his interest. It wasn’t a typical office, but he wasn’t a typical visionary, either.


4. Tim Cook

Tim Cook, on the other hand, works in a futuristic set-up which – as explained in this tweet, also explains the vision of Apple as a brand.


5. Sundar Pichai

Google offices are something that we see and talk about often. Sundar Pichai’s workspace is also an extension of the Google amenities.


6. Mark Zuckerberg 

In an office tour, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly shared that he works on the same desk as his employees. So his is a simple set-up with corner desk like his colleagues.


7. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has always reminded people of a safe space. Her office looks somewhat similar in its looks and feel.


8. Bill Gates

Bill Gates now has an office that is lavish with its setup. It’s a huge space with amenities that do make it look grand – the sea-view is one example.


There is always a sense of pattern to the literal structure of workplaces and the work that they do – these offices are proof.