How long are you willing to fight for your right to be boring? Well, a guy who was fired in 2015 for not being ‘fun’ enough finally won the legal right to be ‘boring’ after 7 long years. Not just that, he also got compensated for it – talk about a win-win situation.

Some people get fired from work for being too ‘wild’ while a chosen few get fired for not being ‘wild’ enough. That’s what happened with this Frenchman.

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The unnamed employee, who goes by Mr. T, had worked as a senior advisor for the Paris-based consultancy firm Cubik Partners, which is notable for its “fun and pro” approach to work, the Telegraph reported.

In the spirit of their mantra, they had thrown a series of mandatory soirees for staffers to help boost team spirit and prevent training sessions from becoming too boring.

The firm would force employees to participate in these seminars and end-of-week drinks. These activities also included simulated sexual acts, sharing beds with colleagues during seminars, as well as cruel nicknames and other forms of hazing, according to reports.

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These “Wolf of Wallstreet”-esque activities didn’t sit well with Mr. T who refused participation on the grounds that he didn’t agree with Cubik Partners’ definition of “fun,” per his testimony in court.

As a result, in 2015, the company fired him for being boring, bad at listening and difficult to work with. Mr. T moved courts for this seemingly wrongful termination, and seven years later received justice.

Mr. T said that he was entitled to “critical behavior and to refuse company policy based on incitement to partake in various excesses,” and the court agreed.

The Parisian Court of Cassation concluded that Cubik Partners’ culture of “fun” violated Mr. T’s “fundamental right to dignity and respect of private life.” The court also ordered the firm to pay him €3,000 or around ₹2,54,071.

It took him 7 years, but Mr. T finally won the legal right to be ‘boring,’ becoming a hero for many. Santé!

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