Stories of toxic workplaces and bosses are galore. But this story that we came across on Twitter is proof that sometimes all you need is a little empathy to create a healthy workspace for the employees. A Twitter user took to the platform to share an incident where she missed her boss’ phone calls because she was “frustrated”. What her boss did next is will win your heart.

Twitter user Stuti took to the social media platform to share her incident. She shared a story of one of those days at work when things don’t go as planned, and you are left frustrated. Stuti added how she didn’t answer her boss’ calls. Rather, she sent her a text saying she didn’t want to talk.

She tweeted, “After two unanswered calls, my boss messaged me, ‘please call back.’ I messaged her back, saying I’m frustrated and don’t wanna talk, to which she replied, hand over your work to me and take 3-4 days off but don’t be in a bad mood. This is what I call a healthy work culture!”

Stuti’s tweet has got people talking. Her tweet has been viewed over 360K times and has fetched over 6K likes, 350 retweets, multiple comments, and many bookmarks. People shared their stories of times when their bosses went above and beyond for them to create a healthy workspace. Some questioned if healthy workspaces even exist. Many said this is the standard employers should strive to achieve.

Here’s what people had to say about Stuti’s tweet.

Sometimes you don’t need to give your employees a fancy welcome kit but rather a healthy working environment for them to be their productive best.