What does a good workspace mean to you? A company that acknowledges your efforts, creates a healthy work environment, gives you creative freedom, builds policies that benefit you, and of course, pays you right for your hard work! 

There have been times when some companies truly went overboard for their employees and took  steps to ensure work-life balance. 

1. When a Bengaluru startup announced a 30-minute official nap time for its employees.

Wakefit, a sleep solutions brand in Bengaluru announced the ‘right to nap’ for its employees. The company has allowed its staff to take a nap between 2 to 2:30 pm.

2. When a Chennai-based software company gifted its employees BMWs to reward their ‘loyalty’.

Kissflow CEO gifted BMWs worth over ₹1 Crore to five of its employees. CEO Suresh Sambandam revealed the employees have been a part of the company since its inception and helped the company ‘dig gold’ during the pandemic.  

3. When a New Zealand-based company decided to offer unlimited annual leave.

As per reports, Actionstep, a software company, is now offering its employees unlimited annual leave. The vice president of engineering, Stevie Mayhew, believes this will build trust with their employees.

4. When an IT firm in Madurai offered a hike to employees who get married.

Sri Mookambika Infosolutions (SMI) is offering its employees matchmaking services. Apart from this, the company also offers increments to employees who get married.  

5. When a British company took its employees on a vacation as a thank you gesture to work during a pandemic.

Yolk Recruitment, a British recruitment agency took their staff for a four-day vacation to Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, to thank them for working through the pandemic.

6. When an Indian firm called Zerodha launched a programme to motivate its employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

As per reports, Nithin Kamath, the CEO of the company, launched a 12-month ‘get-healthy goal’ programme to have better mental and physical health. The employee who reaches the goal will get a 1-month salary as a bonus & 1 lucky draw will get a reward worth Rs 10 lakhs.

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