There is no such thing as the ‘right’ age. Especially when it comes to learning and education. A person can be 5 years old and want to learn about astronomy, or 80 years old and want to learn how to play poker, learning is learning! And, this is something that 73-year-old Thangappan from Tamil Nadu seems to be doing too. 


Thangappan used to be a teacher and headmaster at Devasam Board School and now holds a doctorate degree from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. He studied the subject of Gandhian philosophy, under Prof. Kanakambal, for eight years to achieve this! Before getting a doctorate, the 73-year-old had already finished his MA (Historical Past), MD and MPhil.


Thangappan was honoured by the governor of Tamil Nadu, RN Ravi, who handed him his doctorate degree personally. Apparently, the reason he chose to study Gandhian philosophy is that he believes that it will lead to a world free of terrorism. How very cool of him.

Seeing education with a healthy perspective!