There is no denying the fact that certain jobs entail a lot of perks. The biggest perk anyone looks for in a job is the compensation package, and people need money to survive in this economy. We have compiled a list of 12 highest-paying jobs from across the world. To put things into perspective, we have also added how much these jobs pay their employees in Indian rupees.


We are pretty sure that these jobs and their salaries will blow your minds. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Influencers

Influencers have a different price mechanism for the kind of content that they create and share with the world. They charge a different amount for posting stories, reels, static posts, carousels, and collaboration videos. On average, an influencer with 10K-100K followers can charge somewhere between ₹40,000-₹60,000 per post. Travel influencer, Two Tickets To Freedom, revealed that they can earn up to ₹1-2 lakhs from a single brand collaboration.


2. Consultants

To date, no one has been able to accurately figure out what a consultant (especially, at the big four) does. In theory, a consultant is supposed to help organizations manage, change, and solve problems so that the organization functions profitably. On average, the median salary that consultants earn in India ranges from ₹11.5-22.5 lakhs per annum.

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3. Strategists

The role of a strategist is to formulate and implement a strategy that helps the company achieve its goals. In India, a strategist who is working at the highest level can rake in ₹46 lakhs in a year.

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4. CEOs

CEOs are the big sharks. The money in an organization flows through them. The salary of a CEO depends on the industry they are a part of. For eg: the CEO of HCL Technologies, C Vijayakumar, receives ₹130 crores as remuneration. On the other hand, Sanjiv Mehta, the former CEO of Hindustan Unilever Limited, earned ₹22 crores. That’s still quite a lot of money.


5. Professional Athletes

The salaries of professional athletes vary on a vast level. It all depends on the sport they are playing and how well they are able to sell themselves as a brand. Cricketers are divided into grades and each grade has a different pay scale. Players in the A+ category can earn an annual salary of ₹7 crore, while players in the A, B and C categories earn ₹5 crore, ₹3 crore and ₹1 crore respectively.


6. Real Estate Agents

If you have watched the Netflix show- Selling Sunset, you would agree that real estate agents are paid handsomely. In India, a real estate agent can earn up to ₹50 lakhs in a year. This is exclusive of the standard 2-4% commission that they make when a deal goes through.

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7. Software Developers

Software developing engineers are responsible for making all those apps that have made our lives easier. Not just apps, they develop a lot of tech tools that make things seamless. Depending on the skills that they bring to the table, a fresher software developer can take home an average salary of ₹11 lakhs a year and this can keep on increasing exponentially as they gain years of experience.


8. Investment Bankers

To explain what investment bankers do on a surface level, they are those people who give financial advice to corporations. Across the world, investment banking is a lucrative career choice. On average, the median salary of an investment banker can range from ₹16-30 lakhs.


9. Instagram Life Coaches

Instagram has made a lot of people who sell snake oil famous. As this industry isn’t regulated, a lot of these Instagram life coaches who share psychological help (without any formal training) can charge almost anything. It all depends on how well they have marketed themselves as a personal brand, which determines how much people are willing to pay. An Instagram life coach who claimed to heal “money trauma” once charged ₹10,000 for this retreat.


10. Hedge Fund Managers

A hedge fund manager is another lucrative career choice for people who live and breathe money, risks, and returns. James Simons, the founder of Renaissance Technologies (a hedge fund firm), earned $1.6 billion in 2022. Now you can do the math and figure out how lucrative this field really is.

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11. Chartered Accountants

A chartered accountant does more than just file your taxes. The highest a fresher chartered accountant can earn ranges anywhere between ₹34-76 lakhs. The salary depends on the firm, where it is located, and the skills the candidate brings to the table.

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12. Marketing Managers

A marketing manager is another job that is extremely overpaid. On a global level, a marketing manager can earn anywhere between ₹3-10 lakhs per month.

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