Hey, yo! I am writing my last article for the editorial and all I can think of is how did I even land up here. Finding a job during the time pandemic hit and also when you’re a Gen Z wasn’t easy at all! Thanks to a cold email to the team through Instagram I landed up here and the rest is history.

It has been a special journey for me and looking back only makes me think of all the cool things I learned here at ScoopWhoop. Here’s a chance to bring to you all the things I learned from my job as a Gen Z.

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1. While we are addicted to our phones, but scrolling always brings fresh ideas.

We were born in a generation when technology was a hit, you can’t expect us to stay away from it. That said, reels are now a medium to learn new things, Twitter brings quick stories and that’s how ideas keep coming.

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2. Short attention span makes communication concise.

We’re known to have a short attention span, you’re right. Blame it on one-line captions, character limits, and reels -but don’t you think it makes the message clear and saves time?

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3. Its true vibe aka a healthy work environment matters the most.

Thanks to my flexible work environment my job never took a toll on my mental and physical health. So yeah, the work vibe matters the most.

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4. Being a tech freak makes things easy for us.

We live in a digital world now and thanks to our tech-savvy nature it makes things a lot easier at work. From adapting the latest technologies to getting things done quickly, we navigate new systems or platforms without much discomfort.

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5. Spill every idea you’ve got even the ones you thought are silly.

You need to step up your game with questions and ideas. Having questions makes your assignment clear and keeps you away from blunders.

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6. You need to network with every person on the team.

Thanks to social media, this comes easily to us. This brings a sense of belonging between your everyday work and of course, you have someone to vent to on a bad work day.

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7. Always keep your financial goals aligned with work.

Career and finance always go hand in hand and you need to push yourself towards higher goals. Yup, this has to be consistent even if you’re just beginning.

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8. Stay away from hustle culture.

Our work ethic is not weak, it’s just that we don’t want to subscribe to the toxic work culture. And this stereotype is so widely peddled and needs to end!

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