NEET 2021 results were declared today. And as opposed to the conventional thought that toppers study some 10-12 hours a day, this year’s topper Mrinal Kutteri is trending for other reasons.

He apparently could not follow a fixed routine of studying for long hours and took breaks every 45 minutes. Also, he did not quit any of his hobbies.

Following a well-balanced routine marked by focused sessions of study and adequate breaks helped me perform well in the NEET UG exam. I did not leave my hobbies while preparing for NEET. I think that to do so would have been counterproductive.

And if you are wondering that he might have stopped watching movies and TV shows, he did not. He told media that he binged sitcoms on Netflix and Amazon Prime during the 2.5 years he spent in NEET preparation.

This kept him motivated all throughout his preparation.

Isn’t that amazing?