Staying at a job for a year is easy, but staying at the same job for ten years is an achievement. Those employees who stay at the same job for a decade deserve recognition and some actual perks (like, bonuses, hikes, more PTOs) for their unwavering loyalty. Because let’s face it, working at the same company for 10 years, is an accomplishment.

10 years in office

But turns out, some employers become way too kanjoos when it comes to rewarding their employees for their service. We found a thread on the antiwork community on Reddit where people were sharing the things they received from their employers for having worked a decade at the same organization. The gifts they received are so terrible that you can’t help but feel sorry for them. Read the responses below.

1. “For my 5th anniversary: a little desk clock; for my 10th anniversary: a little glass award and a $500 AMEX gift card; and for my 15th anniversary: laid off… in the middle of a pandemic… after the company had the best quarter in its history (they outsourced our entire department to India).” – Indy_IT_Guy


2. “It has been 10 years since this June. I have not received anything! I am still getting paid shit too. Still, I love it though. I am a single parent and my job is way flexible for all of my family needs. The fringe perks make it hard to leave.” – tknewnews


3. “I got let go three months before my 10-year anniversary. That’s what I got. I’m sorry.” – RitzyGoldfish_684

10 years

4. “More responsibility and fewer resources to do it.” – Scoobysnacks098765

10 years at work

5. “For 30 years, I received a congratulations certificate.” – BriRun1

10 years of work

6. “I work for a jewellery manufacturer. After three years, you get a 10k gold ring. I’ve been there 30 years and had to pawn mine to make bills.” – MaherDemocrat1967

10 years working

7. “20 years. I got my name mentioned on a slide in a PowerPoint during a quarterly review among the other anniversaries.” – Top-Turnip-4057

ten years of work

8. “My job throws like an all-day barbecue for the 10-year-plus people once a year.” – Accomplished_Emu_658

ten years working

9. “10th anniversary at my last job and they gave us a pancake breakfast.” – j_me089


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10. “For five years, I got a clock and a glass award that said how much I’m valued and hope I stay at the company for years to come from the CEO. The irony? We found out a week before that they are selling our division.” – Johnruehlz


11. “For five years – a watch; 10 years – a watch; for the 15th year, they forgot to ask me which watch I wanted so they forgot about me. Then, they said we will give your award next year. They forgot again. I had to follow up religiously so I could get my appreciation award.” – TheHighness1

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12. “After 30 years, I got a windbreaker with the company’s name on it.” – SRTGeezer


13. “I got earbuds for my 25th anniversary at work.” – billyard00


14. “I got a 10-year lapel pin. I don’t even know where it is anymore.” – Spamfilter32


And finally, this person who is God’s favourite child.

15. “One job I was at for 16 years awarded me stock options. When they fully vested, I sold them and used the proceeds to buy three wooded acres of land on a beautiful river. I built my dream house there. I was lucky.” – Utterlybored

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Wow, some employers really treat their employees like nothing.

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