Peyush Bansal is the co-founder of Lenskart and a judge on Shark Tank India. He has become one of the most loved judges of the show because of his purpose-driven investments and promoting talented contestants. We have compiled a list of moments from Shark Tank India that shows Peyush Bansal is more than just an investor on the show. 

1. When he invested in Jugadu Kamlesh’s venture and won every viewer’s heart.

Ghazal Alagh: Aapne loan lene ki koshish kyu nahi ki kabhi?

Jugadu Kamlesh: Dega kaun?

Peyush Bansal: Mai dunga. Aap Bharat ki umeed ho. Aapko support kisi ne nahi kiya par mai karunga.

All the viewers watching Shark Tank India: 🥺😭

This was one of the most heart-warming moments of Shark Tank India. Peyush Bansal invested in Jugadu Kamlesh’s venture and won every viewer’s heart. 

2. When Peyush Bansal pointed out the similarities between Siddharth Gupta and him and invested in Sid07 Designs because he believed in Siddharth. 

3. Peyush Bansal’s moto is to create meaning, and the rest will follow.

4. When Peyush Bansal motivated Watt Technovation’s Founder, Nihaal Singh Adarsh, by telling him how he also did other businesses and eventually found his ‘one true calling’ through Lenskart. 

5. In the same Watt Technovation’s pitch, Peyush Bansal said he can’t take a share in Nihal’s company yet but gave him his phone number where Nihal can reach out for help. Peyush also promised him whenever Nihal invents something big, Peyush will be his first investor.

6. Peyush Bansal invested in the purpose-driven brand Gold Life anti-suicide rods. This is the same pitch in which Peyush Bansal said, “paisa toh bahot kama liya hai ab isey kisi acchi jagah laga lete hai” which touched everyone’s heart.


7. Peyush Bansal believes in finding a global issue and creating a solution irrespective of how difficult it is in order to create a better world. 

These moments show that little generosity goes a long way. Peyush not only invests in the people he believes in but also invests in businesses that have a purpose and create some meaning, making him many people’s favourite shark on Shark Tank India.

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