When celebs keep their kids’ names like X Æ A-12 and Exa Dark Sideræl, it’s better for them to hire a ‘professional’ who’ll take the burden off their shoulder and do it for them. I mean, why traumatize a kid for their entire life and get bullied by kids at school for their names? It looks like someone identified the problem and became the solution – welcome ‘Professional Baby Namer.’

professional baby namer
The Sun

Meet New York’s Taylor Humphrey – a ‘professional baby namer’ – who get’s over $1500 to pick a perfect name for rich parents’ kids. Yep, that’s around ₹1.20 lakhs!

If you are astonished by that, let me shock you a bit more. Some parents even pay her around $10,000 for a perfect baby name. And that, my friend, is around ₹8 lakhs! I mean, why work your ass off day and night for work when you can just name a baby and earn your annual salary in a day?

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“If you look at the most popular baby names, it’s such a telltale sign of our cultural values and our aspirations,” Humphrey told The New Yorker.

Parents answer a questionnaire, Taylor gets on a call with them and provides a list of baby names based on the answers. The call also includes a geological investigation, which helps in ferreting out old family names. 

This is what the $1500 service includes. The $10,000 service involves selecting a name that will be on-brand with a parent’s business. 


I found there was a very high engagement considering how few followers I had. When I began posting on Instagram, people were coming to me about their love for names. I was always a name nerd, so I was very surprised there were a lot of us.

Taylor Humphrey to The Sun

If you are also a perfectionist and think you can’t do justice to your baby’s name, then shell out some money and the professional baby namer would do it for you.