We all have bosses and there’s no doubt that some bosses are stranger than others. From laughing at their bad jokes to complimenting their dresses, most of us have done things that aren’t a part of our jobs for our bosses.

However, on this Reddit thread, people revealed the unbelievable things their bosses asked them to do and trust us, many of these answers are pretty infuriating.

1. “I used to deliver pizzas on an e-bike. These e-bikes had a bunch of wiring underneath the saddles. One day, the wiring caught fire, while I was delivering an order. So, the fire started burning underneath my ass (also, obviously the batteries stopped working and it became very tough to ride the e-bike). I asked the shift manager if I could get another e-bike to use for the rest of the evening, and he told me that as long as I am not on fire myself, I have to use that e-bike. I quit my job shortly after that.”


2. “I had a boss at a fine dining restaurant that would check to see if all his staff had breath mints. If we didn’t, he would make us buy them and the money would be deducted out of our paycheck.”

– Relative_Elderberry1

3. “I used to work at Taco Bell and at the bottom of the receipt, we had a little online survey. My manager told me to go through the trash and find receipts that people had thrown out so that we could fill them out ourselves in order to get a better rating for our store. I was a stupid 17-year-old, so of course, I did it. We used to give ourselves perfect reviews all the time, actually.”

– ha1fway_decent

4. “My ex-boss asked me to kill a litter of kittens by throwing them over an embankment. One day, I was driving the front end loader over to a pile of bark chips that we had covered up for quite some time. I removed the plastic cover and saw a fuzzy grey pile. It was a group of kittens (their eyes weren’t even opened). I called my boss and he said that there was no time to help them and to just toss them over the embankment because we had customers waiting. I scoffed, hung up the phone and immediately called my girlfriend to come to pick up the little floofs and take them to the local shelter. He’s an ex-boss for a reason. Honestly, I was not surprised that he asked me to do that. The dude was a complete fucking prick.”

– PopGunner


5. “I was called to cover up for a temp who quit on the spot. I responded that I already was two whiskeys down and didn’t want to drive to the site. He responded that since I was coherent enough to have a conversation with him, I was okay to make the 30-minute drive to the office. I told him that I didn’t want to risk a DUI for him and hung up.”

– BigTiddyOrc

6. “I worked at a convenience store and my boss actually asked me if he could borrow $1000 to pay for part of the beer delivery because they don’t have enough. I quit not long after that.”

– baconpoutine89

7. “This was one boss who asked me to pick up coke, babysit his grandkids and even have sex. It was one of my first jobs as an assistant.”

– dollyprincessb

8. “My boss at a grocery/retail store told me to pour 4 big jugs of this industrial glass cleaner down the sink drain in one of the two public washrooms. It chewed through the plastic and melted all the paint off the shelf. Honestly, I don’t know how I didn’t damage my vision with the chemicals in the air. Long story short, I ended up with a few chemical burns on my arms and hands with not as little as an apology.”

– IMakeBrew

9. “I was on a vacation in another country. No one had my actual phone number. So, they searched for me on Facebook and Instagram and asked me to work the next day. I sent them a picture back of the beach from my vacation and my boss said that he’ll pay for my return ticket back. I said ‘no’ and blocked him.”

– pinkflufffybunbun

10. “I work in a 24/7 open call centre, which sells tickets for ferries. I was on the night shift, which was from 00:00 to 08:00 am. One night, there was a huge caller amount and my supervisor asked me if I can work another 8 hours without a break. Damn, let me sleep.”

– wolizxcv

11. “I had a work accident and was brought to the hospital. I got 8 stitches on my right (dominant) arm. I came back to work after 2 weeks and my boss demanded to see the stitches. I obviously said no, but he tried to rip the huge ass band-aid. I reported him to HR.” 
– pinkflufffybunbun 

12. “I was asked to clean up the burger he angrily threw on the ground in the kitchen, after the waitress brought it back, because the order was wrong.”

– amanda_jane_doe   

13. “He asked me to photoshop him a vaccination card. I told him that he didn’t pay me enough to commit medical fraud.”

– kelleelah

14. “My boss asked me to pack a “go bag” to be able to come and stay at work in case of a hurricane coming through.”

– M0ck_duck

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