Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India. From owning the second most expensive home in the world to gifting his wife Nita Ambani a private jet on her birthday, Ambanis are known for their luxurious living. Here are a few things Ambanis own that cost more than 100 crores.

1. Antilia 

There are homes, there are luxury homes, and then there’s Mukesh Ambani’s luxurious home, Antilia. Located in South Mumbai’s Altamount Road, Antilia is estimated to be the world’s second-most expensive property after Buckingham Palace. 


It is a 27 storey building that has a theatre, a swimming pool, a snow room, a multi-storey garage, among other things, and reportedly costs $2 billion. 

2. Stoke Park

Last year Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Limited bought Britain’s iconic country club and luxury golf resort, Stoke Park, for almost ₹592 crores. 


Stoke Park facility includes a hotel, conference facilities, sports facilities and one of the highest-rated golf courses in Europe. It has 49 bedrooms, 13 tennis courts and 14 acres of private garden. 

3. Mumbai Indians

Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani own the 2020 IPL winning team, Mumbai Indians. The franchise’s brand value in 2021 was around $80 million, that’s around ₹600 crores. With Mumbai Indians, Mukesh Ambani also reached the list of “world’s richest sports team owners”.


4. Hamleys

In 2019, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance purchased the 259-year-old British toy store chain Hamleys from C.Banner International Holdings. The deal was made for $88.5 million in cash, that’s around ₹650 crores. 


Hamley’s 167 stores across 18 countries chain gave Reliance the global footprint that it lacked at that time.

5. Private Jets

Mukesh Ambani owns three private jets, all of which cost more than ₹100 crores. This includes Airbus A319, Falcon 900EX, and Boeing Business Jet. The Boeing Business Jet was reportedly a gift from Mukesh Ambani to his wife Nita Ambani for her 44th birthday and cost ₹535 crores.

Business Jet Traveler

It’s said that the Boeing Business Jet is “custom-fitted with an office and a cabin with game consoles, music systems, satellite television and wireless communication. It also has a master bedroom, a bathroom with a range of showers and a bar with mood lighting”.

After all, 100 crores are just a few drops in Mukesh Ambani’s net worth of $100.4 billion.

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