You must have seen multiple posts on LinkedIn, of bosses praising themselves for stuff like giving their employee leave because their father was sick. Or not expecting them to serve a full notice period because they had a grave personal emergency. You read these posts and think, “What was the alternative?”. You were going to force that employee to work while their father was suffering? This is not something to be taking pride in, but well…

1. See, the message itself is good but if you post it on LinkedIn, in this manner, it is pretty much giving them credit for not stopping you…from going to your mother…who has a medical emergency! Come on. 

2. Sir, if a person has to narrate their struggles for you to not judge them, maybe you should stop interviewing people.

3. Thanking your boss for maintaining eye contact? That’s too much, even for LinkedIn.

4. Again, good on the manager, but this glorification of the least they could do in that situation could have been avoided.

5. Amazing, but there was no need to brag.

6. This. This right here is something that should be the norm. How is it even acceptable that a candidate is never responded to after they make the effort to send across their CV, cover letter, references, and God knows what else?!

7. So now the bosses have taken social media self-praise to personal life as well.

8. I have put this here because is the exact opposite of doing the bare minimum, and equally problematic.

9. #BeMoreHuman. #KidsOfLinkedIn.

10. Again, not even related to professional work, and the absolute least a privileged person can do for a person who does not have a home.

Consistently appalling.