Okay, straight up, how is anyone getting jobs through LinkedIn? I am asking because I know there are a few (very few) people who are making it work and I just want to know…how?

Because all I can find on the platform are supposedly inspiring posts that I do not find motivating and jokes that I do not find funny.

Really, LinkedIn has everything it seems, except jobs.

From where I am standing, it feels like LinkedIn has sort of become a tool to expand your circle with two kinds of people – 1. The ones you already know and are in touch with. 2. The ones you will probably never talk to.

Of course, this can also be attributed to my own personality, but still, there has to be some algorithm in place. How come I am never matched with people who can actually help me climb this endless goddamn professional ladder?

Anyway, coming back to the LinkedIn feed and the legendary posts on it. They are not even ironically amusing at this point. The moment I read – “2 years ago my life was different…”, I am out. Hard pass. No.

Now, some of these stories are legitimate and I do not want to insult those who have worked hard and faced challenges – but there is so much bullshit, how do you even filter stuff?

The nonsense has reached a point where there are pages on other platforms dedicated to such LinkedIn posts. When I really have nothing to do, I go there.

What bothers me the most is the self-importance attached to the posts. I mean, I get it, you had some nice stuff happen to you, that’s amazing. But there is no need to sell it as a life mantra or something bigger than it is. Just accept the compliment and move on.

Not to mention, there is a hell lot of toxicity as well. A lot. People in positions of power are showering praise on themselves for doing the bare minimum – and sometimes not even that.

They actually think they deserve applause for showing basic decency and are validated by people who do give them applause. 

Oh, you let your employee go home because their family needed them during an emergency? *Hits clap icon furiously*.

All of this has led employees to want to be superheroes of some sort, and that is so problematic. You shouldn’t have to ‘do it all’ to get your salary. You don’t have to die for your job.

Just for the record, it is not healthy that you should have to work out of a hospital or something, and your manager is an asshole if they are forcing you to do it. So, if you’re feeling nice about the whole situation, you’ve been gaslighted, my friend. Run.

LinkedIn used to be helpful a few years ago, but now I am afraid it has lost its purpose. Everyone there seems to be having tips that they MUST share. I have developed an aversion to this word, along with many other things.

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