Some claim LinkedIn to be a great place to land your dream job, while some say they have never seen anyone get a job through LinkedIn. Maybe the problem isn’t with the platform but the profile? To be visible to recruiters you need to have a well-maintained profile, one that attracts recruiters and helps you to come on top in LinkedIn search. How can you do that though? Well, this Twitter and LinkedIn creator has some really good tips to turn your LinkedIn profile into a job-creating machine. Check them out.

Austin Belcak didn’t just share some exceptional tips, he also shared tools which can help you to execute these tips better. 

1. Your profile picture creates the first impression, upgrade it and make it a good one.

2. Find the right keywords for the job you’re looking for and add them to your profile.

3. Add a killer headline to your profile, which includes keywords, skills and a result-focused value proposition.

4. Add a good about section, which includes your experience, the results you have achieved and a medium through which people can connect with you.

5. Put your featured section to good use – add case studies of your work, content you have created and posts you have written.

6. Improve your Skills section by adding keywords and relevant skills. Also, ask colleagues and connections for endorsement.

7. Increase your profile views by engaging with other creators’ content.

8. Start creating content on LinkedIn.

Incorporate these tips in your LinkedIn profile and hopefully, you will land your dream job.

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