Not everyone prepares for the Civil Services Examination, given its difficulty level. And those who do, have their reasons. Some are into the preparation for passion, others were never given a choice. Let’s hear it from the aspirants themselves, why they started preparing for the Civil Services Exam.

1. “Despite considerable improvement in private sector jobs, government jobs are very coveted and civil services are the crown jewel of government jobs.” – BlackopsBaby

2. “Reading some of the books heightened my sense of duty to the nation. I had never been very patriotic before this but I felt that if I passed the exam, I could contribute to improving the state of affairs in a significant way.” – cdasx

3. “Guaranteed dowry and high leverage in marriage.” – BlackopsBaby

4. “People really have nothing else to do or nowhere to go. Working for jobs that pay you 10k per month or less is demeaning to the degree you pursued no matter how employable you are or not. And most importantly the fruit. Civil services put you into a premier class, all that power and money are enticing and to someone who doesn’t have either, it sounds like the best way forward.” – oi_piglet

5. “I was actually looking forward to a life of moving from one town to another every few years – even better if I could make it to the foreign service!” – cdasx

6. “Unparalleled perks by GOI, influence, and status in society.” – BlackopsBaby

7. “Because the day you actually get it, your material problems go away forever.” – mrfreeze2000

8. “Job security and respect.” – Naan-violence

9. “After practicing as a doctor for two years, I realized that there is a need for transformation in the health system. As a doctor, I was treating patients but improving the poor medical system was not in my hands. I wanted to make government medical facilities better and stronger for the public and this thought triggered me to get into civil services.” – Anupama Singh UPSC CSE 2019, AIR 90 to HT

10. “Frankly speaking after my graduation, I didn’t have any other option. I graduated in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths with second division. After graduation, I tried for admission to good colleges/universities for doing PG but couldn’t clear the entrance exams. Being a below-average student academically, I didn’t have any career options in these subjects.” – Hargovind Singh, UPSC-CSE 2008, AIR-292

11. “My father was in the civil services and it was almost obvious that I too would write the exam. You know peer pressure exists.” – Ila Tripathi, IAS, 2017

12. “1. Recognition – Coming from a rural background, I was made to believe from childhood, that civil servants enjoy a high degree of social standing. 

2. Social securities – As per common belief, civil servants enjoy comfort and security in matters of healthcare, education for children, etc. 
3. Contribution to society- civil service offers a direct route to contribute and be a part of India’s journey to development.” – Dr. Rohit Singh Malan, UPSC CSE-2014

13. “For me personally, it was as simple as, I am in a position of privilege in terms of education and family background, so I want to better utilize it to change something for the people who are not. Even if I went ahead with a private job and earn good money, then also I might be able to help them with funds, but is that permanent? No.” –  Aditi Shinde

14. “The powers an IAS or IPS officer has, and assured job continuity, unlike the private sector where one is mindlessly chasing targets throughout one’s life.” – Akshaya Jain

15. “When I first ventured into preparation, it was purely with a quest for knowledge. Additionally, it was an examination that I felt was most suitable for my potential.” – Sneha Jain

Are you also a UPSC aspirant? What is your reason?