UPSC preparation is tough, why won’t it be? It is one of the toughest exams in the world after all. The syllabus is so vast that it feels like you are short on time. But managing your studies in the time you’ve got is what you need to clear this exam. That’s where tips from people who have been through this journey can come in handy. So, here are a few tips from someone who has given the UPSC exams six times – failed prelims twice, failed mains twice and cleared the exam twice. 

1. UPSC preparation is boring

2. All subjects are not equal – learn to prioritise

3. The syllabus is vast – you won’t be able to complete the entire syllabus

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4. Be prepared to fail and learn how to fail less next time

5. Be patient

6. Take things one at a time

7. Take your studies seriously

8. You don’t need too much advice, what you need to do is Start

9. Learn to manage your emotions

10. Set realistic targets

These tips are great if you are preparing for your first attempt and are equally useful for those at different stages of their UPSC journey.

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