After the entire Varun Dhawan debacle, too many people are conflicted with the multiple stories that are floating around on the internet. Context: The actor lifted and kissed Gigi Hadid at an NMACC event, without consent, then denied accusation. But now, Twitter is pissed at Boney Kapoor for something similar.

A picture from an NMACC event is making rounds on Twitter, where Boney Kapoor is seen posing with Gigi Hadid. Of course, that’s not the problem. The producer had uncomfortably placed his hand on the supermodel’s waist. Which is, well, awkward. Certainly, sadly, this isn’t the first time that this space between consent and boundaries was ignored. But, that doesn’t make it better.

Boney Kapoor posing with Gigi Hadid at NMACC
Source: Twitter

Gigi Hadid walked the red carpet on both days of the inauguration at NMACC. And while this felt like a nice Hollywood-Bollywood crossover, things took a weird turn as well. Like these two instances with her.

Such actions would make anyone uncomfortable, which needs to be acknowledged. And Twitter is calling out Boney Kapoor.

The star studded event made heads turn, in every sense of the phrase.