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It’s true. We’re all basically walking memes because life is a joke! *There there*  

Still, when looking for a good laugh, nothing compares to the satisfaction of finding a really funny meme on Insta that you can start forwarding right away. And maybe even upload it to your story, because wth, crush needs to know you have a sense of humour, right?

Well, if you’ve been on Instagram in the last few days then you probably may have come across hilarious versions of a meme featuring Rohit Sharma. That’s cuz, it’s everywhere! The moment you log into Instagram, you’ll be flooded with these memes, with everyone getting creative and coming up with some of the most hilarious captions to go with the image of the cricketer speaking into a bunch of microphones. And some of them will just crack you up.

Don’t we all have that one friend we will want to forward these to?

The nation’s reverence for the Indian captain aside, the meme-worthiness of this picture is quite dope. So we can totally understand the landmine of content that it has triggered. What we couldn’t figure out though is where the image originated from. We jogged our memories to remember if it was taken from any old ad campaign of Rohit Sharma and had no luck. That’s when VEGA launched its new brand film and all our questions were answered.

In the cool new Ad film, Rohit is introducing us to VEGA’s impressive SmartOne Series of two beard trimmers (S1 and S2) that looks like a total game changer in men’s grooming. Check it out below for yourself. 

Now instead of running to the salon, you can just simply ‘GIY’ (Groom It Yourself) at home, no matter what the occasion is. Pretty amazing, right? The beard trimmers come with three speed modes for different beard hair types — Eco mode for regular beards, Pro mode for even styling thick beards, and Max mode for ultra-precise trimming of long or dense beards. And because they have a smart memory function which remembers your last speed setting, you get to enjoy a hassle free grooming sesh everytime!

Not that we need any more convincing even after the Indian captain is boasting of its excellence, but the SmartOne Series beard trimmers are IPX 7 waterproof, come with titanium blades, a digital display, and runtimes of 120 minutes and 160 minutes, respectively!

You know, just growing a beard isn’t enough, it must be well taken care of as well. And while it’s not possible to go to a professional all the time, you can invest in new age grooming tools to keep your beard looking sharp and accentuate your personality just like the SmartOne Series beard trimmers.

VEGA has exclusively launched the new beard trimmers on Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale this year, which is live from 23rd September to 30th September. So this festive season, enter the smarter world of grooming and look your best.