It is always fascinating to flip through the pages of history and understand what it was like to be in the past. Be it learning about a king having most queens or how warriors would dress up in the war. That’s what history books, museums, and old artifacts are there for. We have borne witness to a lot of historical documents in the recent times on the Internet including telegrams, train tickets, marksheets and more.

A glimpse of an old telegram. Source: Heritage of India

Now, a man has taken us back in time to show what an old passport looked like around 92 years ago during the pre-Independence era.

Twitter user Anshuman Singh (@anshumansingh75) shared some pictures of the ‘British Indian passport’ issued to his grandfather in Lahore in 1931.

Source: Anshuman Singh/Twitter

Singh added that his grandpa must have been 31 years old back then. The photos include a glimpse of passport holder Panjab Rai along with his signature in Urdu. As mentioned in a photo, the passport was only valid in Kenya Colony (British Kenya) and India.

Here’s the tweet in discussion:

Let’s check out how Twitterati are reacting to this prized possession:

Someone asked Anshuman Singh about the source of the passport. To which, Singh shared that his uncle gave it to him, a few years before his grandfather’s demise.

A Twitter user advised him to sell the passport to a museum. He replied saying, “Never. My grandfather was my hero.”

What a great treasure to cherish, isn’t it?

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