Eggnog for Christmas. Obscure cocktails for New Year’s Eve. No party during the holiday season is complete without alcohol in the midst. And while you’re used to gifting the usual liquor chocolates to your alcoholic friends, there are quite a few thoughtful gifts you could give to them who are always up for a drink.

Here’s a list of 20 such items which you can gift to your booze-loving friends, and these will surely make them happier than receiving anything else during the festive seasons:

1. Das Boot

A boot-shaped mug for beer looks exactly like the kind of thing all beer-lovers should own. Also it looks so fancy.

b’Source: TheGreenhead’

You can buy it here. 

2. Deluxe mini beer pong set

For those late night drinking games, this deluxe mini beer pong set enables you to play the game with this fancy piece of equipment and beautiful glasses.


You can buy it here. 

3. Shot glass roulette

The ultimate drinking game during parties, this roulette will ensure even the most competent alcoholics in your friend circle are buzzed way beyond imagination.


 You can buy it here.

4. Insanely hot chilli vodka ‘Instant regret’

Naga Chilli Vodka is exactly the kind of obscure alcohol, the connoisseurs in your circle will appreciate. The party is ready to be lit up!


 They don’t ship these to India. Maybe ask someone from the UK to send it over?

5. Bloody Mary beef straws

These look like the most tasty and interesting way to drink Bloody Marys at the Christmas party. Have a sip of the drink and take a bite of that meaty straw.


You can buy it here. 

6. Candy cane-flavoured Vodka

Vodka lovers can be treated to the festive season with this candy cane-flavoured vodka. Looks fancy, and tastes yum too!

 You can make it yourself, as told here

7. Home-brew beer kit

This kit enables you brew your own beer at home with all the requisite equipment. Slightly expensive, but totally worth it for the friend who bathes in beer every weekend.


 You can buy it here.

8. Breathometer

This one’s a keeper for those who party often and need to know if their alcohol consumption is within permissible limits. A handy gift during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


 You can buy it here.

9. Chambong

This quirky-looking glass for champagne is for those who believe in more than sipping their champagne. And would want to finish off their drinks in a few gulps.


 You can buy it here.

10. Whiskey Wedge

So this is the answer to everyone’s prayer, for the people who want their whiskey on the rocks, and still don’t want their drinks to get diluted. This is for all the scotch lovers in your circle.


 You can buy it here.

11. Ultimate cocktail bar tool

The most valuable tool to gift to a friend who enjoys bar-tending to everyone at the party with his/her fancy cocktails. This all-in-one pocket tool has everything from a knife to a wine-opener.


 You can buy it here.

12. ‘This might be vodka’ mug

This is a cool mug to gift to those friends who can always be counted on for a drink. So even while they have their morning coffee, people wouldn’t be sure what it is they are drinking.


You can buy it here. 

13. Picnic travel bar

Oh yes! Those lovely little cases which allow you to pack in a couple of glasses (at least), wine openers and a bottle of wine to carry to picturesque location during a day picnic.


 You can buy it here.

14. Beer-shot glasses

Multi-faceted these work as both beer glasses with a crown underneath. And if you open the crown and turn the glass upside down, you can have a shot of Jaegermeister before pouring yourself another beer.


You can buy it here

15. Floating drink guard

For the crazy pool parties, this guard enables you to go swimming while letting you float your drink with you. It’s cool.


 You can buy it here.

16. Wine bottle-glass

For those with crazy capacity to intake wine, here’s a bottle-glass which means you can drink a whole bottle in one sitting.


 You can buy it here.

17. Hangover tea

A therapeutic gift for the weekday drinkers or for those who have work the day after the Christmas or New Year parties. Should help them recover faster for the day’s work.


 You can buy it here.

18. Ice shot glass mould

Out of glasses? Why not make your own glasses using some moulds and mineral water? Fancy glass for the fancy cocktail while keeping it really cold.


 You can buy it here.

19. Gin and tonic popcorn

For those who like an alcohol in their munchies, here’s a strangely flavoured popcorn which you can munch if you’re not in the mood for fluids.


 They don’t ship to India. Ask your UK friends and relatives.

20. Good ol’ liquor chocolates

Chocolates shaped like bottles, with a hint of liquor in them is the perfect gift for those who enjoy chocolates with a hit of alcohol. This one takes care of both.


 You can buy it here.

Drink responsibly during this festive season.