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The holiday season is finally upon us! But let’s be honest, while we gear up to sip on some eggnog, and sit around a bonfire with carols playing in the background, we cannot help but think about what a stressful year it has been for all of us. 

And while we look forward to a year filled with hope, new beginnings, and jot down our gift list, why not check out these 5 stressbusting presents you can gift this holiday season. We’re pretty sure that these stressbusters are bound to help melt away the year-long fatigue faced by our loved ones!

1. An all-expense-paid spa day.

Nothing says calm and peace like an all-expense-paid-spa-day. Trust us when we say this, but the joy and excitement you’ll see on your loved one’s faces when they open up their Christmas card to find an ultimate spa-day gift card will be unmatchable! 

2. A weighted blanket.

One of the cosiest gifts you can gift someone, a weighted blanket provides maximum comfort and security. They are said to work in the same way a tight swaddle helps a newborn feel snug and safe. Further, it eases stress and soothes anxiety while improving overall sleep quality and calming the nervous system. 

3. Aromatherapy pendant. 

We all know that aromatherapy has been all the rave recently. And an aromatherapy pendant is pretty much the perfect blend of fashion and aromatherapy that is bound to relax all your nerves! It is specially crafted to diffuse the aroma and therapeutic benefits of your favorite essential oils while you wear it.

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4. A set of fancy teas. 

Tea makes for a lovely gift that help soothe the body and mind. There are several stress-reducing teas to choose from, be it chamomile, matcha, mint, or rose tea. With so many options, it becomes easier to pick which tea to gift your loved one. 

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5. De-stressing with some LEGO® sets.

The ultimate stressbuster for just about anyone, LEGO bricks are perfect to help you unbox, unplug, and unwind! And with family and friends visiting this holiday season, dabbling with some LEGO bricks is going to bring so much laughter and add to all the fun! What’s best is that they have something for everyone, thus making it the perfect gift. From supercar sets like the Ferrari GTE, Porsche 911, to Star Wars sets of Boba Fett Helmet, Darth Vader’s Helmet, to Manchester United Fans -The Old Trafford set, to even music sets like The Grand Piano set.  

That’s why this holiday season, the LEGO Group has introduced some of their global bestsellers to India for the first time and are encouraging grownups and enthusiastic builders to express their passion through these colourful bricks! And we won’t be lying if we say that we’re choosing LEGO bricks as our top gift because of the boundless creativity and joy these sets bring along! You can check out the complete collection here.

Have a happy, stress-free holiday season!