In association with Roposo India

Music has been my closest pal ever since I can remember. Basically, I cannot go through the day before blasting the speakers to my favourite artists and their latest discographies. But I also truly believe that the real joy of music can only be experienced LIVE. The experience is pure magic. Unfortunately enough, this joy had been taken away from us and it was a major hit.

But to my relief, I actually found live music at my fingertips! Yes, no jokes. I was exploring Roposo and found their live shows, which has massively changed how I listen to music now.  And safe to say, I’m hooked!

So since I like to start my days early, I started with their 7 am show, Trending Top 20. Starting my day with fresh live music really brought me peace and helped me skip through the morning uneasiness. When I dwelled further into it, I discovered their other shows like Roposo Jamroom. In this show, I saw some Bollywood singers perform with a band. I also saw my favourite indie artists Indian Ocean, Anuv Jain, and Oaff go live on Roposo.

On top of that, I discovered a bunch of new artists that I LOVED. For instance, I look forward to listening to Kritika Gambhir every day for real. She has such a powerful voice and it is everything I need to feel pumped for the day. I also enjoyed listening to Ronny and Swaroop, they’re definitely my favourites!

And honestly, it really warmed my heart knowing that by tuning in and listening to these shows, I am also able to support emerging artists and help them get a step closer to their dreams.

In all, listening to live music on Roposo has been a wonderful experience. It felt like it was crafted with love and care for me. So if you want to feel the magic I felt, tune in to Roposo and upgrade how you listen to music here.